Saturday, June 02, 2007

All done!

We are teaching Holden baby signs. We did them with Jackson with great success. By a year he was communicating his basic (and sometimes not so basic) needs via sign language. Even now, at 3 years of age, he occasionally falls back into signing. He'll say please and sign it at the same time. It's cute. So I'm doing it with Holden. Every time it is applicable I sign to him "eat" "more" "thank you" "milk" and "all done!" Today I was feeding him some pears and oatmeal for breakfast. He was getting cranky and staring at my chest, so my guess is that he wanted milk not pears. I gave up and declared "All done!" signing it as well as speaking it. Shawn and Jackson also both chimed in "All done!" And following that Holden also declared "Ahhdonnn!" No, he didn't sign it. He said it! It was amazing. He had a big grin on his face as he said it, too. Do I think he was really talking? Well, not likely. But it was a pretty darn good imitation of what we were all saying. So I'm going to count it. My baby's first words.... "Ahhdonnn!"

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