Sunday, June 24, 2007

delayed...weekend at Nana's

I realized this evening that I never blogged about Jackson's first time away from home staying with Nana last weekend. He loved staying at Nana's house! Hooray! He did great on the drive down, about 2 hours. Nana even mentioned that Jackson had her turn off his travel dvd player so he could talk to her. Awesome. His vocabulary amazes me anyway, but to actually want to have a conversation rather than watch a movie is just plain cool, and terribly "grown up" of him! Anyway... At Nana's house Jackson had plenty to play with. She bought him the game "Cooties" which I have great memories of from when I was a kid, as well as a racetrack; which thankfully stayed at Nana's after the weekend adventure. He ate well and enjoyed chocolate cake for dessert. Preferring to bypass the slice Nana cut for him and diving into the cake itself. That's my boy! He apparently had a few minutes of tears missing mommy and daddy at bedtime, but ended up falling asleep while Nana read to him. Ahhh!!

The rest of their weekend was much of the same. He enjoyed his time with Nana and was very well behaved. He became a tad frustrated (re: close to tantrumville) at the park because another, older child would not get off the equipment he wanted to play on and kept teasing him. But otherwise he did great and was on his best behavior, remembering to say please, thank you and I love you without prompting. He even managed to go the entire weekend without a potty accident! That is huge. While he is doing quite well with the potty at home, I worried how it would go over being in a strange house. But it appears he had no troubles. And you know, each time Shawn and I would talk to him we both felt a little sad at how great he was doing and how little he was missing us. He always sounded so excited and soooo grown up. But Sunday morning when we met he and Nana at a 1/2-way point restaurant to celebrate Father's Day Jackson practically leaped out of Nana's car to give us both a huge hug. He even had a squeeze for his brother Holden! It was awesome

I'm so proud of my big boy for doing so well. His maturity astounds me. I'm so glad that he had fun and that Nana had a good time as well. He's invited back for another visit before Nana goes back to work at the end of the summer. Hooray for my big boy!

Oh, and Shawn and I really enjoyed having some special time with Holden. We had to marvel at how easy it was just having a baby all weekend as opposed to a baby and a preschooler. We're wondering why we ever thought parenting was so tough the first time around!?

Way to go big guy. We're so proud of you!

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