Thursday, June 07, 2007

Knock on wood....

As of late, we've noticed an improvement in Jackson's behavior and temperament. It's like the past 3-4 days a switch was turned off, or maybe on, whatever, he's been easier going. The tantrums have been considerably less. The screaming has been practically non-existent. He's been kind to his little brother (who adores him no matter what he does to him). And he hasn't lashed out at any of his friends. I'm knocking on wood. I hope this is a corner we are turning. He's an incredibly bright, sweet, funny and clever boy. I say that in all modesty. But three has certainly been a challenge for us. I hope this sweet little boy that has been visiting us the past few days decides to stay. I love the extra snuggles, smiles and "I love you's" that he hands out.

This morning was rather windy, so I decided to take the boys to the top of the trail behind our house. It's up on a hill and gets good gusts of wind. We took our kite that Shawn got in Seattle and flew it. We had moderate success getting it up in the air. Shawn's the kite-pro and he was working today. But it was a fun morning and both the boys and I had a ball. Jackson was so patient and so excited. As we were walking up the hill he said to me "Look! A butterfly! I love butterflies. And lady bugs. And chipmunks. And ants. And caterpillars. And mommy. And daddy. And baby Holden. And lady bugs. And lady bugs. And butterflies. I love butterflies!" His enthusiasm overfloweth! It was an awesome moment. Ahhh...that'll melt your heart.

So "Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood..." I want this boy to stick around. I've missed him!

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