Thursday, June 21, 2007


I took the boys to the pool today. By myself. I deserve a raise.

But seriously, it was a ball! They both loved being in the water. It was hot outside and coolish in the pool - but not too cool. (that's the benefit of a baby, yeah, that much baby pee makes it rather warm...sorry). It's a zero entry pool so Holden and I sat in the incline with barely his legs in the water. He splashed around and laughed and watched all the kids. Jackson leaped through the water in leaps and bounds splashing about. He had a blast. And he was very good about not going too deep so I didn't have to run after him. It was awesome. I even braved wearing a swimsuit -- though it does look like a cheerleading dress according to Shawn. Welcome to Momville.

Our neighbors, Lisa and her son Jackson (yes, Jackson - my Jackson calls him Jacksonnextdoor- all one word- to differentiate) joined us for about an hour or so as well. It was such a "summer feeling" to me. I remember so well our summers spent either at the Raquet Club pool, where Mom would pack a lunch and lots of drinks and we'd spend all day splashing in the sun. And later after Dad put in his backyard pool laying our shivering wet selves across steaming cement to warm up. We lived at the pool in the summers. I'm glad I finally got up the courage to don my swimdress and tackle handling two small children at the pool. I love having my summer memories repeat themselves with my own boys.

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