Wednesday, June 13, 2007


*warning* -this post is slightly gross...ok, I warned ya

This morning Jackson had his usual morning poop in his little potty. He's not had a poop accident in ages (knock wood) and we are very proud of him. He does it completely on his own and then tells me he's done it so I can help clean him up. 'nuff said. So he tells me he's pooped and I go to take the little tray out of his little potty so I can dump it and clean the potty (ahh, the highlight of my morning...yuck). I plop it in the potty and Jackson exclaims

"Wow, that's a big poop! That's three poops!! Let's flush 'em away!!!!!!!!"

And we did just that. At least I didn't take a picture to post, right?!

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