Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweet kisses

Oh my, Holden. You are taking my breath away on a regular basis these days. I find this age - 7.5, almost 8, months, to be exhilarating. You are enchanting. Just today we were playing together quietly. You were staring into my eyes, so intently. I pulled you to my face for a kiss and you opened WIDE. You fluttered your eyes and kissed me with your big, open, slobbery mouth. I assumed it was just a fluke -- that couldn't have been a real kiss, right? But each time I pulled you to me, you blinked and opened wide to kiss me. We kept this little routine up for several minutes, and then you erupted into a fit of giggles. As if to say "Ah Mom, that was so fun! Let's do it again!" And so we did.

I. Adore. You. My love.

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