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Friday, July 27, 2007

Can you spike a smoothie with vodka?

I'm so angry. I'm so, well, totally pissed off! I just got a letter from the preschool I signed Jackson up for 7 months ago -- which is due to start in 2 weeks. I expected a "School is starting soon!" letter. Instead I get a letter saying that they are freaking CLOSING their program because they lost their lease. I'm so angry. I started looking at schools this time last year and chose their program after a lot of searching. I'm sorry that they lost their lease. That is a shame. But I'm sure that they didn't just lose their lease yesterday. They've had plenty of notice. And, to top it off, the letter stated that if we wanted our deposit returned, we should send them a written notice along with a self addressed stamped envelope. What?? They just sent us a letter stating they weren't opening and they didn't include the deposit I gave them over 7 months ago?? Like I'm going to say "Oh sure, you just totally left me high an dry with regards to my son's education, but you just keep that money - I don't need it!" Ridiculous.

Now around here, in my small town of 32,000 folks, preschools fill up fast. It's hard finding a good one, and even harder getting into the programs. I'm a stay at home mom. I don't want a daycare that doubles as a preschool. I have nothing against daycares. Jackson was in an awesome daycare for the first year of his life when I was still working. But my job now is my children, so why would I want to send him to a daycare with a pseudo-preschool-curriculum?? I want a preschool curriculum. I want the curriculum I signed him up for 7 months ago!

Sooo...knowing that about 100 other moms would be scrambling for preschool this afternoon, I got on the horn and started calling. I talked to a few different schools, almost all filled to capacity. However, fortunately the 2nd preschool on my list had one opening for afternoon preschool starting next month. I didn't want Jackson in afternoon preschool. I wanted to send him to A.M. preschool, bring him home and feed him lunch, and then put him down for nap. I was hoping preschool would help bring back the naps! But alas, this is where I am. At least I found a spot. I raced down to the Rec Center, where the school is, and signed him up immediately so we wouldn't lose our spot. Both boys were cranky and sweaty and hungry but I didn't have a choice. I had to beat the other mothers to the punch! After we secured our spot I nursed a very hungry Holden and bought Jackson an ice-cream cone. And a much needed fruit smoothie for me.

I wish I could have spiked it with Vodka.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Mama

Diane, my blog reader from afar. Kimi tells me you are having your baby boy very soon - tomorrow I think?! I just wanted to send you all the best wishes for the birth of your first son. I'm sure everyone and their brother has been telling you how your life is going to change once he's here...and possibly twinging their words with a bit of negativity. It's hard being a parent, to be certain. They are all right about that. But your world is going to change in such an amazing and incredible way when he arrives. You cannot imagine that your heart can have that kind of love for another human being. Especially one that poops on you and keeps you up all hours of the night. You cannot imagine that your world will be turned as crazy as it is going to. Who knew you would actually need a 24 hour Walgreens? You cannot imagine that being a mommy can feel that freeing. It is actually liberating not shaving your legs for 12 days straight because, well, your son doesn't care about your hairy legs. You cannot imagine that you can love your spouse even more than you do when you enter that hospital room. But anyone who can kiss you unabashedly after 18 hours of labor must be worthy of additional love and devotion. And when you are holding that beautiful boy in your arms for the first time you will see that it is all true. Sure, your life is going to change when he arrives...isn't that the point?!

All the best Diane. I hope you'll pop on when your world settles in a bit and share your news with me. Little boys are the best. (That's why we had two of them!) Welcome to the world to your little man!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A real boy

Sometimes having an infant in the house is like having my very own Pinocchio. He's pretty affable. He does what I want. He eats when I give him food. He plays when I give him a toy. He smiles when I smile. Sort of like he's my little puppet. But recently he's taken to reminding me that he is, in fact, a real boy --not a puppet. This morning I was racing around trying to pick up the house for playgroup. Why I pick up my house so that 4 crazy-fun-three year olds and a couple of their toddler-siblings can run circles around it is beyond me. But I was doing just that. Cutting up nectarines and blueberries and hoisting a jar of marshmallows out of the pantry -- 'cause that was all I could come up with for snacks. ANYWAY (tangent!) I put Holden in his room with his toy basket in front of him while I ran around like a beheaded chicken. I sort of even forgot he was in there because he was so happy and quiet. As I jotted into Jackson's room I caught a glimpse of my almost-9-month-old son alone in his room. He was sitting there examining a toy, smiling at it, sort of giggling and cooing. He was in his own world. He had specifically picked that toy out of the basket and was practically carrying on a conversation with it. It was a quaint little scene that I wish I could sear to my memory. It was a true reminder that my baby boy is not a puppet at all. He's a real boy. And he's changing and growing faster than I can keep up with. Got no deed.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Why can't my children coordinate their nap schedule?? Why? Why? WHY!??!?! Jackson rarely naps any more. Yesterday we had a knock-down-drag-out fight about it because he was so tired and he needed to nap. We were having the neighbors over in the evening for dinner and we knew our Jackson would be a mess if he didn't nap. But he refused. REFUSED! So no nap, he was up later than norm, but he and Jackson-next-door did get along well and left us adults to sample our mini-wine-tasting so that was good. But today he was totally out of it. He threw three tantrums in the space of 2 hours. He also woke up his brother from his AM nap with his tantrum, so that meant TWO tired, cranky boys.

So we got home from our errands today and I immediately put Holden down to nap. He was so tired. Jackson and I ate lunch. Then I read him a few stories, and kissed him good night. He was asleep in less than 5 minutes... at which point, I hear the youngest child crying for me. ARGH!!! Why?!? Why was he awake? He napped for an hour max and was grouchy. I tried nursing him back to sleep. No-go. I tried letting him fuss himself to sleep. No-go. So he is up. Jackson is asleep and Holden, my super-napper, is awake. He's watching me type and whining. I better go entertain. WHY!?!?!?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New look

Like my new look? I think the pictures look better on the dark background. And I've been seeing a lot of my old blog look on other blogs, so thought I'd change it up a bit. Cool. I wish I were able to figure out how to completely make it my own, but I don't know how to do that. I love blue, orange, and green together, though, so this works well.

OK, let's see. Anything witty, funny and/or poignant to write? Nope. Not really. I did manage 2 hours of me-time this morning, getting a mani and a pedi. I haven't done that since I was pregnant with Holden....who is 9 months old on Wednesday! Time is flying. What else? Shawn and I had a pseudo-date last night. We put the boys to bed early-ish and I made us a yummy dinner. I even dressed up in a cute new skirt I bought last week and acted like we were out on the town. We polished of a 1-1/2 bottles of vino so it was as close to a date as it comes when you can hear your 3 year old get out of bed and flush the potty upstairs.

Speaking of flushing toilets, hearing the potty flush cracks Shawn and I up these days. Well, not when we flush it, but when we hear the pitter-patter of Jackson's big old feet upstairs, and then the sudden swoosh of flushing an the running water washing little hands. It leaves me in awe to know my little "baby" isn't such a baby anymore. He doesn't even need my help using the potty. He goes like an old pro. The first time I heard it I was startled. I was home alone with the boys and heard a rushing water sound. I was downstairs and the noise came from upstairs. Then it dawned on me it was the toilet. Who was flushing the toilet? An intruder?? Nope, just my potty trained little man. I giggled to myself that first time. And still do each time I hear it. I love his independence.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Lots of pics up on the Gallery from our recent mini-reunion with Shawn's family, and some from his fishing trip with Grandpa, too! Thanks for the homemade ice-cream Grandpa! And thanks for helping with the boys Brandon and Arianna -- we miss you guys!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sleep Fairy and the Prison Break

Our boys are growing up way too fast. It has been a very busy last few weeks, and the boys have reached some major milestones. I was calculating some of them up while I was nursing Holden before his nap today, and thought I should probably blog them all before I forget! Mommy-brain will do that to ya.

First and foremost, Jackson's room is without a baby gate! He has busted out of his cell at last! Ever since Jackson learned how to climb out of his crib and transitioned to a big boy bed, we have had a baby gate over his door. We did it for two reasons. 1) We had just moved to this new house when he figured out the crib climbing. We worried he would wander around the house at night if we didn't gate him in. It being a new house, he wasn't familiar with the new stairs or where all the rooms were. So a gate seemed necessary. 2) We didn't want him wandering into our room at night. I know, cruel, but we worked very hard to get Jackson to become a 1/2-way decent sleeper, and wandering into our room at night did not fit into this scenario. Thus, the boy has had a gate on his door every since. It was opened during the day, and closed at night. It was also closed if he was put in his room for repeatedly breaking rules. Sometimes that meant a prison sentence as long as Paris Hilton's. Well, almost as long.

But, alas, Holden is just about to crawl and I really need to move the gate to the, the gate had to come off Jackson's room. We made a big production out of it last night. We cheered when we took it off. Jackson kept running back and forth between his room and the hallway. And surprisingly he stayed in his room the entire night -- even calling out to me when he needed a drink of water. I assumed this would mean a free for all for him, but so far that has not been the case. He's in there right now for "Quiet Time" and hasn't attempted to leave...yet. Of course we threatened to put the gate back up if he leaves during the night or naps except for using the potty, so that probably has something to do with it!

As for other Jackson developments, here's what else is new with Jackson James, age 3:
  • He doesn't use the little potty anymore - strictly the big potty (woo-hoo! This means I don't have to clean out his little lime green potty chair anymore!!)
  • He doesn't need potty-prompting - he goes on his own and even washes his hands!
  • No more pull ups (except at night)
  • He brushes his teeth without complaint (his first dentist appointment is scheduled for next month)
  • He starts Pre-school in a month
  • He uses very descriptive adjectives such as: amazing, strange, beautiful, weird, pretty, and silly
  • He occasionally hugs his brother without being told to

Now for Holden...drum roll please...Holden slept through night for the past 3 nights! I don't want to get cocky, but WOO-freaking-HOO!! At last the sleep fairy is back to visiting us. She left our house shortly after Holden's hospitalization earlier this year, and never came back. Until now. Though I can't give her all the credit. We did a couple of nights of heart-breaking CIO (Cry It Out) to get to this point. But it was so much easier than when we were at that place with Jackson. Holden would wake up and fuss/cry for a short while and then go back to sleep. Eventually stretching it out to around 5AM for his first wake-up. This is HUGE! He goes to bed around 6PM, so this means 11 hours of sleep. And at 5AM I nurse him and he has gone back to bed for another 1.5-2.5 hours! That too is HUGE. I am sleeping more than 2-3 hour stretches at night, and I'm feeling like a happier mommy. Holden seems happier, too, if that's at all possible. He's already the happiest baby on the block!

And so, here are some other developments from Holden Charles, 8.75 months old:

  • He is pulling up on furniture
  • He is almost crawling... so close!
  • He no longer naps in his swing
  • I can lay him down in his crib "awake but drowsy" for naps and bedtime and he actually goes to sleep without fussing - I guess those baby books had it right after all
  • He no longer uses his Exersaucer (he didn’t like it much anyway),
  • His crib was lowered a notch this morning because he can pull himself up
  • He is nursing less often - about every 3.5-4 hours
  • He is eating more solids - three meals and day and snacks
  • He waves,
  • He claps
  • He said bye-bye once, mama once, and dadadada (Dadda?) often
  • He is sitting in a big boy car seat (still facing backwards though!)

And so, that is the update for the little men as of today, July 18, 2007.

Oh, and Shawn has a goatee. That's his update.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pretty Mommy

This morning I took the boys to Kohl's. It's one of the few places, besides Target, that I will even attempt to go shopping with them. They have a toy aisle that I can promise Jackson we'll walk down if he cooperates. He almost always does. I was doing a quick return on something I got that was too big, but decided I was going to splurge on myself. 10 days with 2 small children while my husband was away fishing in Canada, and then sharing him for few more days upon his return due to a mini-family reunion here in Colorado...well, I deserved a little someth'n, someth'n, right??? So I bought a cute little flirty, twirly skirt, a matching top, a few new pairs of undies, and a necklace to go with my skirt (I never buy jewelry so this was a big splurge)! I was so excited that I tried on the outfit as soon as we got home. (I would never attempt to try it on at the store with the boys in tow!) Then Jackson begged to dance to "The Wiggles" so we danced, me in my twirly new skirt. I've always loved to dance in a good twirly skirt! Suddenly Jackson stops dead in his tracks, looks at me closely, and declares: "You look pretty mommy!"


I responded, making sure I heard him correctly "Did you just say I looked pretty??"

"Yes!" he replied, bashfully.

He took my breath away in that single moment. I teared up and hugged him close. It was a cheesy little moment, but man oh man, that little guy just melted my soul. Even if I never have occasion to wear my pretty new outfit, the splurge was worth it just to hear those words come from my sweet son's mouth.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Old friends, new friends....

Lisa and I have known each other since we were five years old. We weathered life together from a young age on into adulthood. We are both blessed with beautiful children. And I'm so lucky that she and her adorable son Adam could come out to spend a week with my boys and me while Shawn went fishing with his Dad. I wish I could say we spent hours soaking up the warm Colorado sun while our boys played happily in the sandbox and watched for field bunnies. Alas, that didn't happen until the last night together...and then we got drenched by rain. You see, my son, Jackson, I discovered, was not too thrilled to be sharing his home and toys with another child. He was unfortunately very territorial during their stay, and not always on his best behavior. I kept asking myself "where is my sweet little boy???!!" One day I even wondered this aloud and Jack looked at me confused and said "I'm right here mommy!" sigh... I love you my sweet boy, but I'm not sure what was going through your head the past week.

...Lisa -- thank you so much for braving the week with us. Thank you for putting up with the drama and the craziness that his our household sometimes. Thank you for helping me get through a tough week without my usual partner-in-crime. Thank you for being the friend you always have been and always continue to be. And Adam, buddy, I hope you'll be brave enough to come back and visit us again one day. Jackson hasn't stopped talking about you since you left, and cried half the way home from the airport after you left because he missed you. You are one cool dude.

We love you both.

Adam and Jackson sharing a bath
Adam and Jackson playing tag on the 4th of July

The boys, ready for the "exciting" bike parade...ha ha
Holden, along for the ride
Me and my boy

Playdough time

Jackson, ready for the pool...check out the shiner on his left cheek.

He met his match with some sidewalk at the park

Good times at the pool

Lisa doing story time with the boys during a moment of truce

Monday, July 09, 2007


Welcome to the world Grace Ann...what a big, beautiful world it is with you in it!!

Tonight T and D (well, mostly T) gave birth to their 3rd gorgeous daughter. Grace Ann....Gracie... I'm teary-eyed typing this. I'm so happy for them. Being one of three girls myself, I know what a wonderful ride their family is in for. Lots of pink. Lots of dress up clothes. Lots of Barbies and ponies. Lots of drama. Lots of love. I have to chuckle a bit -- T and I will have such different experiences raising our children. Three girls for them. Two boys for us. But through it all, and through the distance (which also makes me cry) I know we'll ride it out together.

Congratulations T, D, Sydney, Mia and Gracie. We love and miss you guys so much, and are so happy for you.

Amy, Shawn, & the boys

side note -- I have TON of blog catching up to do. One of my other dearest friends in the world, Lisa, and her son Adam, have been visiting all week. I have so much to write about but am zonked beyond zonked and can't do the catch up right now. Jackson misses Adam despite bullying him all freaking week long and driving me to the crazy house. More to come....after I've gotten some zzzz's.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blue eyed boy

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hey mom!

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Holden and me

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