Friday, July 27, 2007

Can you spike a smoothie with vodka?

I'm so angry. I'm so, well, totally pissed off! I just got a letter from the preschool I signed Jackson up for 7 months ago -- which is due to start in 2 weeks. I expected a "School is starting soon!" letter. Instead I get a letter saying that they are freaking CLOSING their program because they lost their lease. I'm so angry. I started looking at schools this time last year and chose their program after a lot of searching. I'm sorry that they lost their lease. That is a shame. But I'm sure that they didn't just lose their lease yesterday. They've had plenty of notice. And, to top it off, the letter stated that if we wanted our deposit returned, we should send them a written notice along with a self addressed stamped envelope. What?? They just sent us a letter stating they weren't opening and they didn't include the deposit I gave them over 7 months ago?? Like I'm going to say "Oh sure, you just totally left me high an dry with regards to my son's education, but you just keep that money - I don't need it!" Ridiculous.

Now around here, in my small town of 32,000 folks, preschools fill up fast. It's hard finding a good one, and even harder getting into the programs. I'm a stay at home mom. I don't want a daycare that doubles as a preschool. I have nothing against daycares. Jackson was in an awesome daycare for the first year of his life when I was still working. But my job now is my children, so why would I want to send him to a daycare with a pseudo-preschool-curriculum?? I want a preschool curriculum. I want the curriculum I signed him up for 7 months ago!

Sooo...knowing that about 100 other moms would be scrambling for preschool this afternoon, I got on the horn and started calling. I talked to a few different schools, almost all filled to capacity. However, fortunately the 2nd preschool on my list had one opening for afternoon preschool starting next month. I didn't want Jackson in afternoon preschool. I wanted to send him to A.M. preschool, bring him home and feed him lunch, and then put him down for nap. I was hoping preschool would help bring back the naps! But alas, this is where I am. At least I found a spot. I raced down to the Rec Center, where the school is, and signed him up immediately so we wouldn't lose our spot. Both boys were cranky and sweaty and hungry but I didn't have a choice. I had to beat the other mothers to the punch! After we secured our spot I nursed a very hungry Holden and bought Jackson an ice-cream cone. And a much needed fruit smoothie for me.

I wish I could have spiked it with Vodka.

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