Monday, July 09, 2007


Welcome to the world Grace Ann...what a big, beautiful world it is with you in it!!

Tonight T and D (well, mostly T) gave birth to their 3rd gorgeous daughter. Grace Ann....Gracie... I'm teary-eyed typing this. I'm so happy for them. Being one of three girls myself, I know what a wonderful ride their family is in for. Lots of pink. Lots of dress up clothes. Lots of Barbies and ponies. Lots of drama. Lots of love. I have to chuckle a bit -- T and I will have such different experiences raising our children. Three girls for them. Two boys for us. But through it all, and through the distance (which also makes me cry) I know we'll ride it out together.

Congratulations T, D, Sydney, Mia and Gracie. We love and miss you guys so much, and are so happy for you.

Amy, Shawn, & the boys

side note -- I have TON of blog catching up to do. One of my other dearest friends in the world, Lisa, and her son Adam, have been visiting all week. I have so much to write about but am zonked beyond zonked and can't do the catch up right now. Jackson misses Adam despite bullying him all freaking week long and driving me to the crazy house. More to come....after I've gotten some zzzz's.

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