Saturday, July 21, 2007

New look

Like my new look? I think the pictures look better on the dark background. And I've been seeing a lot of my old blog look on other blogs, so thought I'd change it up a bit. Cool. I wish I were able to figure out how to completely make it my own, but I don't know how to do that. I love blue, orange, and green together, though, so this works well.

OK, let's see. Anything witty, funny and/or poignant to write? Nope. Not really. I did manage 2 hours of me-time this morning, getting a mani and a pedi. I haven't done that since I was pregnant with Holden....who is 9 months old on Wednesday! Time is flying. What else? Shawn and I had a pseudo-date last night. We put the boys to bed early-ish and I made us a yummy dinner. I even dressed up in a cute new skirt I bought last week and acted like we were out on the town. We polished of a 1-1/2 bottles of vino so it was as close to a date as it comes when you can hear your 3 year old get out of bed and flush the potty upstairs.

Speaking of flushing toilets, hearing the potty flush cracks Shawn and I up these days. Well, not when we flush it, but when we hear the pitter-patter of Jackson's big old feet upstairs, and then the sudden swoosh of flushing an the running water washing little hands. It leaves me in awe to know my little "baby" isn't such a baby anymore. He doesn't even need my help using the potty. He goes like an old pro. The first time I heard it I was startled. I was home alone with the boys and heard a rushing water sound. I was downstairs and the noise came from upstairs. Then it dawned on me it was the toilet. Who was flushing the toilet? An intruder?? Nope, just my potty trained little man. I giggled to myself that first time. And still do each time I hear it. I love his independence.

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