Thursday, July 12, 2007

Old friends, new friends....

Lisa and I have known each other since we were five years old. We weathered life together from a young age on into adulthood. We are both blessed with beautiful children. And I'm so lucky that she and her adorable son Adam could come out to spend a week with my boys and me while Shawn went fishing with his Dad. I wish I could say we spent hours soaking up the warm Colorado sun while our boys played happily in the sandbox and watched for field bunnies. Alas, that didn't happen until the last night together...and then we got drenched by rain. You see, my son, Jackson, I discovered, was not too thrilled to be sharing his home and toys with another child. He was unfortunately very territorial during their stay, and not always on his best behavior. I kept asking myself "where is my sweet little boy???!!" One day I even wondered this aloud and Jack looked at me confused and said "I'm right here mommy!" sigh... I love you my sweet boy, but I'm not sure what was going through your head the past week.

...Lisa -- thank you so much for braving the week with us. Thank you for putting up with the drama and the craziness that his our household sometimes. Thank you for helping me get through a tough week without my usual partner-in-crime. Thank you for being the friend you always have been and always continue to be. And Adam, buddy, I hope you'll be brave enough to come back and visit us again one day. Jackson hasn't stopped talking about you since you left, and cried half the way home from the airport after you left because he missed you. You are one cool dude.

We love you both.

Adam and Jackson sharing a bath
Adam and Jackson playing tag on the 4th of July

The boys, ready for the "exciting" bike parade...ha ha
Holden, along for the ride
Me and my boy

Playdough time

Jackson, ready for the pool...check out the shiner on his left cheek.

He met his match with some sidewalk at the park

Good times at the pool

Lisa doing story time with the boys during a moment of truce

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