Monday, July 16, 2007

Pretty Mommy

This morning I took the boys to Kohl's. It's one of the few places, besides Target, that I will even attempt to go shopping with them. They have a toy aisle that I can promise Jackson we'll walk down if he cooperates. He almost always does. I was doing a quick return on something I got that was too big, but decided I was going to splurge on myself. 10 days with 2 small children while my husband was away fishing in Canada, and then sharing him for few more days upon his return due to a mini-family reunion here in Colorado...well, I deserved a little someth'n, someth'n, right??? So I bought a cute little flirty, twirly skirt, a matching top, a few new pairs of undies, and a necklace to go with my skirt (I never buy jewelry so this was a big splurge)! I was so excited that I tried on the outfit as soon as we got home. (I would never attempt to try it on at the store with the boys in tow!) Then Jackson begged to dance to "The Wiggles" so we danced, me in my twirly new skirt. I've always loved to dance in a good twirly skirt! Suddenly Jackson stops dead in his tracks, looks at me closely, and declares: "You look pretty mommy!"


I responded, making sure I heard him correctly "Did you just say I looked pretty??"

"Yes!" he replied, bashfully.

He took my breath away in that single moment. I teared up and hugged him close. It was a cheesy little moment, but man oh man, that little guy just melted my soul. Even if I never have occasion to wear my pretty new outfit, the splurge was worth it just to hear those words come from my sweet son's mouth.

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