Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sleep Fairy and the Prison Break

Our boys are growing up way too fast. It has been a very busy last few weeks, and the boys have reached some major milestones. I was calculating some of them up while I was nursing Holden before his nap today, and thought I should probably blog them all before I forget! Mommy-brain will do that to ya.

First and foremost, Jackson's room is without a baby gate! He has busted out of his cell at last! Ever since Jackson learned how to climb out of his crib and transitioned to a big boy bed, we have had a baby gate over his door. We did it for two reasons. 1) We had just moved to this new house when he figured out the crib climbing. We worried he would wander around the house at night if we didn't gate him in. It being a new house, he wasn't familiar with the new stairs or where all the rooms were. So a gate seemed necessary. 2) We didn't want him wandering into our room at night. I know, cruel, but we worked very hard to get Jackson to become a 1/2-way decent sleeper, and wandering into our room at night did not fit into this scenario. Thus, the boy has had a gate on his door every since. It was opened during the day, and closed at night. It was also closed if he was put in his room for repeatedly breaking rules. Sometimes that meant a prison sentence as long as Paris Hilton's. Well, almost as long.

But, alas, Holden is just about to crawl and I really need to move the gate to the, the gate had to come off Jackson's room. We made a big production out of it last night. We cheered when we took it off. Jackson kept running back and forth between his room and the hallway. And surprisingly he stayed in his room the entire night -- even calling out to me when he needed a drink of water. I assumed this would mean a free for all for him, but so far that has not been the case. He's in there right now for "Quiet Time" and hasn't attempted to leave...yet. Of course we threatened to put the gate back up if he leaves during the night or naps except for using the potty, so that probably has something to do with it!

As for other Jackson developments, here's what else is new with Jackson James, age 3:
  • He doesn't use the little potty anymore - strictly the big potty (woo-hoo! This means I don't have to clean out his little lime green potty chair anymore!!)
  • He doesn't need potty-prompting - he goes on his own and even washes his hands!
  • No more pull ups (except at night)
  • He brushes his teeth without complaint (his first dentist appointment is scheduled for next month)
  • He starts Pre-school in a month
  • He uses very descriptive adjectives such as: amazing, strange, beautiful, weird, pretty, and silly
  • He occasionally hugs his brother without being told to

Now for Holden...drum roll please...Holden slept through night for the past 3 nights! I don't want to get cocky, but WOO-freaking-HOO!! At last the sleep fairy is back to visiting us. She left our house shortly after Holden's hospitalization earlier this year, and never came back. Until now. Though I can't give her all the credit. We did a couple of nights of heart-breaking CIO (Cry It Out) to get to this point. But it was so much easier than when we were at that place with Jackson. Holden would wake up and fuss/cry for a short while and then go back to sleep. Eventually stretching it out to around 5AM for his first wake-up. This is HUGE! He goes to bed around 6PM, so this means 11 hours of sleep. And at 5AM I nurse him and he has gone back to bed for another 1.5-2.5 hours! That too is HUGE. I am sleeping more than 2-3 hour stretches at night, and I'm feeling like a happier mommy. Holden seems happier, too, if that's at all possible. He's already the happiest baby on the block!

And so, here are some other developments from Holden Charles, 8.75 months old:

  • He is pulling up on furniture
  • He is almost crawling... so close!
  • He no longer naps in his swing
  • I can lay him down in his crib "awake but drowsy" for naps and bedtime and he actually goes to sleep without fussing - I guess those baby books had it right after all
  • He no longer uses his Exersaucer (he didn’t like it much anyway),
  • His crib was lowered a notch this morning because he can pull himself up
  • He is nursing less often - about every 3.5-4 hours
  • He is eating more solids - three meals and day and snacks
  • He waves,
  • He claps
  • He said bye-bye once, mama once, and dadadada (Dadda?) often
  • He is sitting in a big boy car seat (still facing backwards though!)

And so, that is the update for the little men as of today, July 18, 2007.

Oh, and Shawn has a goatee. That's his update.

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