Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby Signs

Holden's communication skills just took a giant leap forward. As of yesterday he is officially signing "all done!" at the end of meals. His little hands sort of fly up in the air and do a little mad shake. It's precious. I couldn't be prouder of him. He is also clapping for "more" but I'm not positive that he truly gets that one. He may just be imitating me - but it is a great first step. I know that soon he will explode with his signs and life will become just a tad easier. Well, as easy as it gets with two small children. Jackson has been an awesome assistant in the signing. He will sign the words while I'm feeding Holden. I'm amazed that at the age of 3 he still remembers his signs so fluently. But he does. It makes me proud of both of them. And reaffirms my choice to be a stay at home mom to my boys for a few years during their infancy and toddlerhood. I know that if we had continued with the daycare route, they would both be as bright and fun as they are under my care. But I would be missing out on it, and that's what keeps me going. Knowing I'm not missing a thing with them. "more! more!" indeed.

PS - A recent shot of the boys. Bath time at our house... yes, you will both hate me for this in a few years...

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