Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Boys Don't Cry!

Three is really starting to rock. Seriously. We had a lot of frustrations in the early months leading up to and after Jackson's third birthday, but I'm starting to see a lot of signs of growth, maturity and most of all, FUN! Jackson is a blast to hang out with lately. He says the funniest things (including commenting on the size of his poop -- which is always in the potty, by the way!). And he does the funniest things (like shaking his hiney like he's an original member of The Village People). It's almost like watching a science experiment as he changes and grows daily. Pants that didn't fit him a month ago are now a perfect fit. I'm buying him size 4s instead of 3Ts. He wears a size 10/11 shoe! He goes to the potty by himself. He knows how the water/ice dispenser on the fridge works. He brushes his own teeth!

Which brings me to the title of my post today. Big Boys Don't Cry. My big boy went to his first dentist appointment today and didn't cry! He was a great patient. He introduced himself and listened attentively to the hygienist. He smiled and nodded his head when she asked him questions. He opened his mouth for the brushing and flossing. He did try and bite Dr. Fox a couple of times (blush) but I am sure it was just reflexive. I mean who wouldn't chomp down if some stranger was sticking their rubbery fingers in their mouth?? I'm just proud as punch that he didn't cry -- and slightly shocked I must admit. I mean, this is the kid who has to be strapped down screaming and crying for a simple haircut! So getting through a dentist appointment this smoothly was a huge shocker. We even met up with Daddy for lunch afterwards and Jackson proclaimed how much fun he had at the dentist. Fun? At the dentist? Well, why not!

Ahh, and not to be missed -- Jackson can also now officially ride his tricycle. Watch out world, here he comes! He's had that trike for over a year now and never had much interest in peddling. He preferred to either have us push him or to push himself along with his feet. It wore the heck out of his Crocs. But about a week ago he got it in his head that he was ready to peddle, and within a day he was pretty proficient with it.
I love watching his diligence and perseverance. He will not use his feet to push the trike, even if it is a steep hill or bump. He gets frustrated but he works it out. And the pride on his face when he accomplishes a feat is just priceless. He is so proud of himself. Me thinks Santa might need to have real bike added to Jackson's Christmas list this year! Considering his daddy is a former BMX champion rider (sorry honey, I've outed you again!) we may have quite a bike riding future ahead of us!

And finally, on the Jackson front, last night was Jackson's preschool open house. The kids all wore their pajamas and enjoyed milk and cookies and meeting their teacher, Mrs Lisa. She read them all a story as well. I will say that the letter inviting us to the open house was sent to the parents and asked that we wear pajamas as well., the quandary was -- would the other parents actually don jammies for the event? I had my doubts. But I also didn't want to be a party pooper and disappoint Jackson's new teacher before he even begins the school year. So I carefully selected some pseudo-jammies that were more yoga-gear than sleep-gear for myself. That way if few other wore their jammies, maybe I'd just fool them that I was a workout fiend. ha ha. Shawn wore his typical workout shirts and shorts, so he would blend in as well. Jackson wore brand new jammies with a basketball on them. Holden wore brand new polka-dot jammies (and a very sleepy expression since it was his bedtime).
Well low and behold out of at least 3 dozen parents Shawn and I were the ONLY ones in anything close to resembling pajamas! WHAT???? I read the note again and again to be certain that the parents were in fact instructed to wear their pajamas as well and I'm positive that is what the intention was. The teachers were in their pajamas even. Argh. I didn't feel foolish, though, just slightly annoyed that no one else could follow simple instructions. And that I was wearing pseudo jammies while everyone else was in shorts or jeans. One parent even mistook me as the teacher! Oh well, so it goes. I've been in much more awkward situations. (like in the 2nd grade when I accidentally tucked my twirly navy and white skirt into my tights and a boy in my center pointed it out to me -- embarrassing!) The important thing was how excited Jackson was in his new classroom and how much fun he had. His teachers seem really enthusiastic and sweet. And the kids were all very excited. I know come next Tuesday when school actually starts I'm going to be a bit emotional about sending my "baby" off to his first day of school. But one thing I know for sure - I won't be wearing pajamas.

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