Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dear Aunt Kimi

Dear Aunt Kimi
Thank you for coming to visit us and having so much fun! I loved going to the park with you, and playing in the water, and having a picnic, and swimming in the pool, and jumping at the bounce house and letting me try my hand at the "Claw" game at Red Robin, and reading me stories and eating a huge caramel apple with Mommy (why wasn't I invited???) and chasing me, and making (and eating) cookies, and also playing with Holden, and not being mad this is a huge long run on sentence 'cause I know you are a teacher and I'd get an automatic 20 points deducted just for this run on sentence alone, but I'm only 3 so I don't even really know what a run on sentence is...yet. You are a cool aunt and we love you!

Jackson (and Mommy, Daddy and Baby Holden)

ps - next time bring Uncle Bob and Bubba

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