Saturday, August 04, 2007

Kiss'n Cousins

The Crites clan (my sister Debbie and her 3 girls - Allison, Micaela, and Emily) and my Mom came up for a visit last week. It was brief but we had so much fun. I can't say enough how awesome my three nieces are. Allison (age 11) is so bright, funny and talented (she's a very accomplished gymnast who just returned from competing at Nationals). She was a wonderful help while she was here and kept Holden entertained for hours. Micaela (age 7.5) is a middle child like me, so I feel a bond with her. She is so sweet and thoughtful and kept Jackson in line! Emily...ah my sweet Emily. Em is three like Jackson. Those two kiddos had a ball together. Sure they squabbled like siblings, but Em is tough and definitely can hold her own with Jackson. And she always wanted to know where Holden was. My sister Debbie and I managed to slip away for a dinner by ourselves one night, which was a blast. And Mom was an amazing help with all the kids. We even had my cousin Nancy and her husband and children over for a BBQ one night. It was a crazy busy few days (The Aquarium, The Zoo, and a day at our pool) but a total blast! We love you guys!

Five little Monkeys at the Zoo: Jackson, Emily, Micaela, Allison and Holden

Allison, playing in the sprinkler with the little kiddos
The whole brood (sans Holden) having a ball -- Jack and Em are actually tickling each other!
Gorgeous girl
Sweet Micaela, keeping cool
Jack and Em jumping on the blow up mattress and having a ball
Slipped in a pic of Shawn and I heading out for our anniversary dinner
Jackson, wearing my shoes

Good times!
My sweet, handsome boy

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