Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainbow connection

First, I'm ticked off because my scanner is giving me hell and I can't get it to scan. Shawn sneaked out of the house to see a movie so my technical support is unavailable. I have the most adorable picture to scan that Jackson drew. But I'll just have to describe it instead. If the help desk (aka Shawn) gets home at a decent hour I'll update with the scanned picture.

Tonight we had a deluge of rain come down. It was weird. We were all hanging outside in the early evening. Shawn was mowing and Jackson was "helping." (interjection - Shawn is so sweet. Our neighbors, Tyler and Lisa, had their baby girl yesterday so Shawn mowed their lawn as well. Congrats guys!! And yes, my husband is a very sweet man!). I went upstairs to nurse Holden for bedtime. I came out of his room a few minutes later, and there had been a torrential downpour of rain in the 13 minutes I was upstairs. It came and went. Bizarre. Obviously Shawn had stopped mowing during the deluge and he was helping Jackson color a picture. Jackson had drawn 3 curved lines on a sheet of paper. A red line. A yellow line. And a purple line. Apparently after the brief storm there were two beautiful rainbows just above our house. Upon seeing them Jackson started jumping up a down and exclaimed:

"I'm trying to jump up and grab the rainbow and put it in my room! But it's too high!!!"

So he opted to draw the rainbow instead. I'm in awe of this kid more and more every day. And I wish to heck the scanner was working 'cause the drawing that accompanies this quote is the highlight of my day. I wish you could have reached that rainbow little man. But your drawing is as close to gold as it comes. bumper kisses.

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