Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Seattle kind of feeling

Most of anyone who reads my blog (I think there are at least 3) know how very much Shawn and I loved living in Seattle, and how much we miss it. The reasons we moved to Colorado 2 years ago are also well known - closer to family, slower pace of life for our boys, my ability to be home with the kids, cost of living, etc. But just because we have lived in Colorado for over 2 years now, and have found things we do love about Colorado, doesn't mean I'm not allowed to still miss that beautiful city on a daily basis, and mourn that time in our lives when we called it "home." The past few days here Colorado have been very "Seattle-ish" -- overcast, damp grass, afternoon showers, and a fresh clean smell. I miss all of that very much. When people ask me what I liked so much about Seattle I almost don't know what to tell them...um...everything?? OK, maybe not everything, but almost. I don't miss the crazy traffic and trying to map myself around all the bodies of water every time I try to drive anywhere. I don't miss that swimming isn't a part of the summer ritual in Seattle. I don't miss wearing jackets every day of the year. I don't miss the rain...oh wait, yes I do. I actually miss the rain quite a bit. So alas, there is very little I don't miss about that town. And I still wonder, on almost a daily basis, if/when we will be drawn back there. I think Shawn and I both want that on some level. But finding out how we could get back there is a whole other dilemma. It's an ongoing quandary that I'm not sure we'll figure out anytime soon.

As a side note, yesterday as the boys and I were driving home from errands, we passed by the Outlet Mall by our house. It is a very well known shopping destination in our fare state. But we pass by it on a daily basis because it is just before our housing subdivision. Easily we've driven past it 1,000 times or more. But yesterday Jackson looks over at it and says "Mommy - is that Seattle?"


I had to ask him what he meant by that. He just kept asking me if the Outlet Mall was Seattle. I said "No, it's a shopping center. Seattle is far away. Does it look like Seattle to you?" He replied "Yes." Hmmm.... Now Jack was a year when we moved. He was two when we went back for a visit. But other than that, the only reference he has to Seattle is our incessant talking about it, and "The Little Einsteins" episode in which they fly by the Space Needle. My guess is that he must have seen something at the Outlet Mall that looked like the Space Needle. But for the life of me I can't figure out what. Or maybe he's just like his Dad and me and he misses it as well. Perhaps.


Laurie said...

Come back to Seattle! We miss you!!!

Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks Laurie! We miss you guys, too!!!!!