Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby crack

I produce baby crack. Calm down -not real crack. Baby crack. In other words - breastmilk. My son is never going to wean. Ever. I will be sending him off to college un-weaned. OK, that's a little much. But it feels that way. He is very attached to the boob. I know Holden, you are going to hate me for this one day, but you are. And I worry how I am ever going to get him on to cow's milk. Some kids like pacifiers. Some kids find their thumbs. My kid uses me as his comfort. And it is very sweet, don't get me wrong. I feel a very close bond to my little boy, and I cherish those quiet moments when I'm nursing him to sleep, or when he's just woken up in the morning, all fresh faced and sleepy. And of course you can't beat breastmilk for convenience, nutrition and all around free-ness (do you know how much formula costs?!@!?). But at some point he is going to have to let me go.

He's a year next month (SNIFF!) and shows no signs of weaning. And to be honest I don't even know how to go about weaning him. Jackson took a formula bottle early on. He went to daycare when I went back to work, my supply ran low, and I supplemented with formula. It never bothered me. So when he made the full switch to formula at 9 months he wasn't even phased. Nor was I, really. But Holden has been ebf'd since about 3 months of age. He went into the hospital for RSV and came out never taking a bottle ever again. Who can blame him? I mean, it's warm and perfectly tasty I'm sure. And it's always at the ready. That's part of the problem - it's always there, right in his face! He will start to twitch and fuss and shriek when he reaches the 3.5 - 4 hour mark between feedings. I know what he wants. He wants his milk and he wants it NOW. Sort of like crack. And the minute he gets his fill, he's a happy little baby again. That's such an easy fix. I suppose in a lot of ways I'm an enabler to his love of baby crack, er, I mean breast milk. It's just so easy. But it's going to be difficult to continue that way once he's off to college, ya know?!


Terri said...

But it's "so terribly important to let go." ;-P

Tales from the Crib said...

BWAHAHAH!!! That is hillarious! Oh Lord I hope I don't reach THAT point! Too funny!!!!