Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day

What? I have to wear sunscreen to school??

Isn't my new backpack cool?! Let me tell you about how great school is going to be...

I'm so ready for this Mom!
You started asking when we were going to leave for preschool at 7:15 this morning, and proceeded to ask again and again every 1/2 hour or so until we left at 1:30. You could hardly contain your excitement! I was so nervous for you -- but you took it all in stride. Strolled up to the door and begged to go inside. Finally it was time -- Mrs. Lisa opened the door and you ran into the room, ready for action. We found your name tag and your cubby and you allowed me to kiss you goodbye. I watched you from the window for a couple of minutes, but finally left you to play. You were in the thick of it all and barely gave me a glance farewell.

You LOVED your first day of preschool, Jackson. You made a glittery picture of an apple and painted another bright red picture as well. You met several new friends, but specifically remembered a fun, new friend named Riley. You thought the cookie you had for snack was delicious! And you waved goodbye politely to your teachers and practically skipped all the way to the car when the day was over. The best moment of my day was returning to pick you up again, seeing your eyes light up when you saw me. We enjoyed Popsicles when we got home and I got to hear a few snippets of what you did in school. Wow big guy. What a big day!

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