Saturday, September 08, 2007

I (heart) Target!

Ask my husband. I truly do love Target. Love it, love it, love it. Does that fully induct me into the "Suburban Mom Hall of Fame?" So be it. I have to visit it once a week, at minimum, or I'm not complete. It just speaks to me. I can walk in needing carpet cleaner and diapers and come out having spent $123.34. Easily. While diapers are expensive, they aren't that expensive! I could also easily spend more but I restrain myself. It's really dangerous when I go by myself on the weekends. Then I can really spend because I can browse and check out specials and clearance and be swayed by pretty packaging and sale tags. Aside from the carpet cleaner and diapers, I love browsing the home furnishings, women's fashions, shoes and accessories, children's clothing and accessories, cooking utensils, beauty items (perhaps my favorite section of all), the men's clothing section if Shawn is lucky, and finally, whatever seasonal set up they have in the back of the store. Right now that happens to be school supplies. Love school supplies. So pretty much that means every section of the store. I love their 6 pack of cotton wash clothes for $2.49. I love their paper goods. I love their $1 section that stocks everything from sponges to stickers to mini-staplers. I even love browsing the toy isle with my boys. It's not too overwhelming like if I went to Toys R Us or something with them. And Target pulls their recalls immediately...unlike a certain store with the acronyms TRU or BRU. Target is a little piece of Nirvana for me. Call me suburban, I don't care.

And now, here is a list of what I purchased at Target this morning -- enjoy!:
  • Kadzoo soap refill
  • AA Batteries (16 pack)
  • Ant traps (we have ants - yuck)
  • Bissell Carpet cleaner (I plan to shampoo the carpets this weekend)
  • 2 boxes of tissues, Aloe
  • 2 pack of Clorox wipes for my messy boys' bathroom
  • 6 pack of Mentos for my incessant cough that doesn't seem to be illness related
  • 2-in-1 shampoo for Jackson, whose hair needs conditioning now
  • 2 pack of 3 way light bulbs for the family room
  • Safety latches for the cabinets (have fun honey)
  • Bendable straws

Here's what I didn't buy:

  • Hanes cotton bra (they didn't have my size)
  • Utensil holder (they didn't have white)
  • Halloween costumes for the boys (unsure what they will be)
  • Halloween t-shirt for me (restraint)
  • Gray hoodie sweatshirt for me(double-duty restraint)
  • Chocolate donuts (triple-duty restraint)
  • Pantry organizer (couldn't find one)

And that about sums it up. I'm sure I'll need to head back again at least once more before the weekend is over. And by the way, Target did not pay me for this post. Though they should have. I suppose the frame I accidentally stole from there several months ago makes up for it. In my defense, I had a newborn and it got stuck under his carseat carrier. Once I made it to the car with my boys, in the snow, I refused to go back and pay the $4.99 I owed for the frame. So I kept it. Sorry Target. Let this praising post be your payment.

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Brandy Kitten Scott said...

Golly...I could have written this! Sounds just like what I go through.