Sunday, September 23, 2007

Night, night sleepy heads

Our boys went to bed at the same time for the first time ever. Holden has always wanted to go to bed early. Before 9 months of age he always went to bed around 6:00PM. That's just when he was tired and when he wanted to go to sleep. So I obliged. I like a sleeping baby! But lately, the last couple of months, he's been stretching it more and more. It is fun to have that time with both the boys and Shawn before they are rushed off to bed. And tonight Holden made it as late as 7:30.

We did our usual pick up toys routine and Holden just watched as Jackson cleaned up. And boy oh boy, I have to say, this was the best clean up job he's done in a long time. Not the usual whining and complaining and stalling. He happily cleaned up (well, somewhat happily) with the promise that Daddy would swing him around like a Merry-go-round if he helped. He did. Then teeth were brushed and jammies put on. Jackson had a bit of an attitude and lost his story time (sorry buddy, them's the breaks!) but he calmed down pretty quickly I must admit. While Shawn tackled Jackson's bedtime stuff I actually got to sit and read 2 stories to Holden - something I never get to do at night. And he actually listened. He touched the books and laughed and enjoyed his story time. I then nursed him off to dream-land and that was that. Jackson was already tucked into bed, but I slipped in to kiss him goodnight. He wouldn't let me kiss him - surprise, surprise. But he did tell me he loved me and that he'd see me in the morning. Ahhhh...sweet boy. Can you tell I'm a sap tonight? I am. We have two sweetie-pie boys. Night, night sleepy heads. Sweet dreams.

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