Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Target SPREE!

A few weeks ago I unabashedly wrote of my true love for Target. It's silly, I know. I mean, its a store for Pete's sake! But it's the little things in life, right?! Well today I checked my mail and my step-Grandmother, always known to me as BJ, sent me a beautiful Birthday card (I'm 34 next Tuesday in case you want to buy me a cake) and included some money for me to splurge on myself at Target with! Woo-hoo!! I can hardly wait. I rarely get to just go crazy in that store. I get excited when swiffer wipes are on sale. But this time it's all about ME, baby! I'm gonna get a new bra. And a couple new t-shirts (without spit up or paint stains). And maybe some sassy new lip gloss and a funky eyeliner, too. And probably the fattest tube of Eurcerin Skin Creme I can find. And not to be forgotten, a big, delicious bar of dark chocolate all for myself...ok, maybe I'll share a square with Shawn...maybe. Anyway, can you tell how excited I am?? Well, I am. I may have to slip out of the house tonight and do a little window shopping. I promise I won't spend the actual money until after my birthday. I think I'm not supposed to open my birthday cards or gifts early anyway, right? Well, I'll try and restrain myself but I ain't makin' any promises!

Thank you Billie Jo for the awesome gift and the total-me-splurge. The card was also very touching and made me a little weepy. But I am a weepy kind of gal. You are a very special Grandmother to me and I am so blessed that you are a part of my life. xoxo

BJ & Holden, December 2006

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BJ MSN PAL said...

I didn't realize you had someone in your fa,ily named Billie Jo. I am floored. I have only met one other Billie Jo in my life. Give your step Grandma a hi from me.

BJ (Billie Jo) from MSN PAL