Monday, October 08, 2007

Family fun

Want to know a really fun and bonding family activity?!? A massive stomach bug! Yes, nothing brings a family together like mutual yakking. Really, it is a must for creating solid family time!

It all started Friday afternoon when Holden took an unusually long afternoon nap. I was so excited he slept so long that I called Shawn and told him we were going out to dinner. It is rare that we ever go out to dinner because Holden goes to bed so early. But I assumed, since he napped so well, that we could manage a quick meal at our favorite French cafe. It was a fairly enjoyable meal except that Holden was fussy, despite his nap. I even ended up nursing him in the bathroom at the cafe just so we could finish our meal in moderate peace. Fast forward to my getting Holden into bed later that evening. With little warning he projectile vomited all over me. Amazing that if anyone in the world vomitted on me besides my own child, I'd probably want to up-chuck as well. I guess it is a bit like changing poopy diapers -- my own kids' diapers don't bother me (much). So we threw both boys into the tub and gave Holden some Tylenol because he felt a little warm. Still clueless, I blamed his odd demeanor on teething. He has upwards of 6 teeth coming in so I assumed that was what was making him ill. (I should add - at last, our two-tooth-McGooth is getting more teeth!) I then got him into bed without struggle and he slept through the night.

Saturday Holden was still a little feverish and moody, but again I was thinking teeth. We gave him Tylenol and some extra TLC hoping it was still teeth coming in and that the worst would be over soon. We got through the day with a rather fussy baby but little further incident. I even went out with my girlfriends for a delicious meal at Sienna at the Courtyard downtown. We had a great evening, and when I got home both boys were sleeping great. Hooray - well done honey! So off to bed I went. Shawn fell asleep on the couch watching the Rockies game, and I snoozed happily upstairs. Until around 3 AM when I proceeded to yak my guts out... for the next 15 hours. Yes, 15 hours of unbridled yakking!! About 10 hours into my journey Jackson felt the need to join in. Then a few hours into that, Shawn felt left out so he joined the fun. We were all a completely miserable bunch, competing for our turn at the trough. 7 loads of laundry later we all fell into bed at 6PM on Sunday evening. Fortunately Holden's illness was pretty much gone, isolated to his single incident Friday night. He slept fine in his room. Jackson, Shawn and I holed up in our bedroom and managed to make it through the night incident-free.

The bug was obviously a 24 hour stint, as today we were all much improved, though very weak. Shawn worked from home. I found calming activities for the boys -- including potato prints and tire painting. And Jackson was begging for a nap (yes, begging) at 11:30AM. He slept 4 hours before I went and woke him. I cleaned the house because, needless to say, it was disgusting. It still needs some major airing out. Shawn suggested we hire a cleaning crew. I tend to agree. It is that bad.

I cannot believe the destruction a little virus can do in less than 48 hours. Fortunately Holden seemed to fair the best. Poor Jackson was incredibly saddened by the whole experience. Every time he threw up he would cry that it hurt and that it made him feel sad. Oh sweet boy, it made me sad just seeing you so sad! But truly, it was a bonding experience for us all. One I hope not to repeat anytime soon.

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