Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mrs. Seinfeld got it half-way right

The other day I caught Jerry Seinfeld's wife on Oprah. OK, yes, that is a very housewife-ish thing to do, but it was our sick day so cut me some slack. Anyway, Mrs. Seinfeld was talking about her new book, Deceptively Delicious. The whole concept is sneaking veggie purees into your children's meals so they get their veggies in disguise. Clever. I have tried sneaking veggies in a variety of ways but usually Jackson is on to me, because, well, you can see the tiny pieces of veggies (he calls it "grass") in the meals. So the purees had an appeal to me -- they would be perfectly hidden.

I thought to myself, "OK, self, I can do this. This is easy!" And so I did. And it was. This morning while we played I steamed some zucchini and some squash we had in the fridge. Then I pureed them easy-peasy in the blender. So easy. I then made Jackson's favorite Mac & Cheese, and slid in 1/2 a cup of squash with the milk and powdered cheese. I served it up to him and waited for the squeals of delight and praise....

"What is this?" he proclaimed within the first bite!

"Mac & Cheese" I replied. "Just noodles and cheese, like you asked for."

"There's no grass in it?" he innocently asked.

I paused. I have lied, innocently to my child before, and this was in the interest of his health, so I very calmly replied, "No honey, of course there's no grass in it!" (Which was the truth, there was no "grass" in it)

He timidly took another bite. Then another. Then another. And pretty soon he'd finished the entire bowl and asked for more. I obliged. Happily. And I felt like a "good mom" because I'd gotten my son to eat a veggie. A single veggie. Hooray!

So yes, Mrs. Seinfeld, you got it half-way right. My son was not fooled completely, but he did eat his veggies and the meal was deceptively delicious. I'll just have to see how the spinach brownies go over before I can really commit to buying your book.

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Loved you blog about grass! He'd better find a new word before he gets to junior high! Tee hee... GL with this tactic...

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