Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pun'kin Patch

The boys and I took our annual trip to a pumpkin patch to pick out our fall pumpkins. As with last year, we opted to hit up the local nursery rather than traipse through muddy pumpkin fields. Good choice. Since it was a weekday, Shawn was working and unable to come. But we took lots of pictures so he didn't feel too left out (and he got to pay for the pumpkins, too!). My favorite moment was seeing the sheer joy on Jackson's face as he inspected each pumpkin and picked out his favorites. As a result, we got some really fun and unusual pumpkins this year -- including a "Freddy Kruger" pumpkin full of warts and bumps and imperfections. I can't wait to carve that one. . Holden just went along for the ride and had a ball checking out all the fall colors and the multitude of children who were there (we arrived just in time for a local school field trip).

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Julie said...

Beautiful pictures!! Fall pumpkin patch pictures seem to always turn out so great. :)