Thursday, October 04, 2007


I have to make fun of my husband's subtlety for a moment. Today was a hectic day. I had more going on than usual and I was making a list of everything I needed to accomplish as we all ate breakfast this morning. I started rambling through my list, talking aloud:
  1. Go to the post office to mail my niece's birthday present
  2. Go to the grocery store
  3. Unload groceries
  4. Do the above with two small children, one of whom is refusing morning naps as of late
  5. Take Jackson to preschool
  6. Pray Jackson doesn't hit anyone at preschool
  7. Race home and put Holden down for nap
  8. Clean house for playgroup tomorrow
  9. Go back to pick up Jackson from preschool
  10. Take the boys to the library to return movies and get new books and movies
  11. Make dinner
  12. Re-clean the kitchen
  13. Put the boys to bed

So this was my list. OK, well, I didn't list all of this. But this was my day. It was non-stop action. After going through my list, however, Shawn says to me

"Yeah, that is going to be a busy day. I feel bad that you have so much laundry, too."

OK, I get it. Laundry was not on my original list...but it is now. Subtle dear, subtle.

Now, to Shawn's credit, he never asks me to do laundry. I just do it. He's pretty laid back in general about my housekeeping. But he did tell me he was out of underwear so I guess he was in the right to hint at my doing a load or two. And I did 6. By the way.

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