Thursday, November 29, 2007

California Vacation Highlights:
  • Riding Jackson's first roller coaster ride with him
  • Holden's expression of sheer joy on the Nemo Submarine Voyage
  • Getting to and from DIA and LAX, and back again, with little issue -- this includes toting 2 enormous suitcases, 1 pack and play, 1 double stroller, 2 car seats, 3 carry-ons, 2 kids and of course, Shawn and I and a pocket full of one dollar bills to tip anyone who would assist us
  • Watching our boys and the Nash girls play together
  • Eating at a Character Breakfast...twice
  • Our children sleeping through the night most nights (never mind that they woke up at the hiney-crack of dawn because of the time difference)
  • California Screaming roller coaster ride (big kids only)
  • Swimming in our own heated pool at our rented house in Palm Springs
  • Eating till it hurt
  • Clean potties at the Park!
  • The Paradise Pier Hotel on the Disney property
  • Jackson's love of anything that was ridable - especially Autopia (we stood in line 4 times for it)
  • Fast Pass
  • Disney at Christmas
  • Monday night, our little family walking around the California Adventure boardwalk, everyone happy and glowey
California Vacation Lowlights:
  • No decent coffee/espresso
  • Boys who wake early become boys who are cranky
  • Travel can induce marital stress and needless bickering
  • Lugging gear
  • Paying $2.75 for every diet coke I consumed
  • Holden's immense dislike of all Disney characters, especially Gepetto!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pictures! Pictures! Who's got the pictures?!

Me, that's who! At long last (ok, 3 days) are our pictures from Disneyland.
click here: California 2007

I have to preface this because I'm usually pretty pleased with the pictures we take. But our camera was giving us a very hard time on the trip and as you can see, there are a lot of blurry pictures which makes me very sad. But the memories are very solidly seared in my noggin, and that's what counts.

I want to write so much more about the trip, but I'm still pretty zonked from the whole trip and getting back into the swing of things here at home. So I'll try to write something poignant tomorrow night. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Why I'm behind...

Obviously I have a ton of catching up and photo posting to do, but had to put this slightly blurry shot of us up! Disneyland was amazing, and mostly because I got to see expressions like this one on Jackson's face. More to come...

PS - I'm decorating for Christmas right now and am in full on Martha Stewart mode! I love the holidays!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Holden's official first word: Ball!

He's sort of said it for a few days now but today it was very distinct and he pointed at a ball when he said it. Hooray! Ball was Jackson's first word, too, followed very closely by truck. I suppose that will follow soon for Holden. They are very different boys, to be certain, but they are both all boy! Of course Holden's been saying Dadda and Mama and a modified Jackson (Yayun) for awhile now, but it's pretty exciting to hear a word that is so much a noun.

Oh, and did I mention he can climb up the entire staircase now, too? It's really exciting to watch (and follow closely behind). Even more exciting if you are Daddy and you think he's playing downstairs and look up and see him grinning at the top of the staircase at you and clapping. (Its ok honey, remember I forgot to strap him into his carseat once!)

He's growing up entirely too fast.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Twitterpaited: the feeling one gets when one gets butterflies in one's stomach when something good happens to one. For example: "I was twitterpaited when I drove home Friday night." Twitterpaited.

My husband is going to kill me. This is a sampling of an email he sent my friend TaShawna after our first date (mine and Shawn's first date, not TaShawna and my first date) eight years ago today. I came across this while looking for an old picture of Shawn and I together. Why? Because 8 years ago today he and I went on our first date together. He picked me up, we met TaShawna and Darron for drinks, then saw "A Game of Love and Chance" at the Seattle Repertory Theatre. Then we had a bite to eat with Robb and Lisa. Apparently he was "twitterpaited" after this date. I know I was. When he drove me home that night I boldly made the first move and planted a smooch on his lips. That was it for me. I was over the moon. And by the looks of the above email, he was over the moon about me, too. We were inseparable from that day on. We moved in together 3 months later. We were engaged 9 months later. We were married a year and a half later. Well, you know the rest. Love. Marriage. Baby Carriage. L.O.V.E.

I love you honey. I'm hope you still feel twitterpaited. I know I do.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Big Foot

My gaawwwddd! Would you look at his feet?? They are enormous. I just noticed in this picture that his feet are bigger than his head. He has always had large feet. I could barely keep him in shoes between ages 1-3. Even now I'm thinking he's about to outgrow shoes I bought him in September. I don't know where he gets this from - Shawn and I have perfectly normal sized feet. But Jackson's feet are really just too big for words. Look at them!! Look! Wow. I can't even imagine what shoes are going to set us back in another 10 years or so. I better start saving now.

And as a side note, while typing this blog, I recalled a song that I knew as a small child. It was called "Your feets too big" or something like that. And we used to do our tap warm ups to it w
hen I took dance lessons at Barbara Thompson's Dance Academy. The song sounded very jazzy and smoky and even as a small child I got a kick out of it. I remember a few things about my years dancing for Miss Barbara:
  • Pink and orange flowered wall paper in the lobby
  • Spare dance shoes stored under a bench if you forgot your own shoes
  • Miss LaVoyle smoking through the entire lesson
  • The black and white photographs of dancers, real dancers, that graced her walls
  • Costume fittings
  • How to do the Time Step (yep, I still remember this!)
  • And finally....warming up for tap to this song (thank you Google!):

Fats Waller - 1939

Who's that walkin' 'round here?
Sounds like baby patter
Baby elephant patter, that's what I calls it]

Say, up in Harlem, at a table for two,
There were four of us, me, your big feet and you
From your ankles up, I say you sure are sweet,
From there down, there's just too much feet!

Yes, your feet's too big!
Don't want ya 'cause your feet's too big!
Can't use ya 'cause your feet's too big!
I really hate ya 'cause your feet's too big!

Where d'ya get 'em?

Your girl, she likes ya, she thinks you're nice,
Got what it takes to be in paradise
She said she likes your face, she likes your rig,
But, man, oh, man, them things are too big

Oh, your feet's too big
Don't want ya 'cause your feet's too big!
Mad at ya 'cause your feet's too big
I hate ya 'cause your feet's too big

My goodness, gun the gunboats!
Shift! Shift! Shift!]

Oh, your pedal extremities are colossal
To me you look just like a fossil
You got me walkin', talkin' and squawkin',
'Cause your feet's too big, yeah

Come on and walk that thing
Oh, I never heard o' such walkin', Mercy!

You know your pedal extremities really are obnoxious.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Some pics from this year's Halloween Fiesta! Funny thing -- Holden is so wee that he can wear Jackson's 3-6 month Halloween costume that he wore as a baby. That is the Tigger costume below. But I wanted to bundle him up for Trick or Treating (he didn't collect candy, though) so he wore Jackson's 18 month frog costume with jammies underneath as well. He wore the Tigger in the AM when we met Shawn for lunch, and the Frog for the PM when we went out Trick or Treating.

Both boys had a blast heading out into the 'hood for some candy collecting. Especially Jackson, er, I mean, Mr. Train Engineer. Seriously, I love his costume. I had fun putting it together, and he had fun wearing git. I never appreciated homemade costumes as a child. I always wanted one of those cheap, plastic costumes from the grocery store. But Mom would either make our costumes, or pieces of our costumes, or we would wear our dance costumes from the previous year's dance recital. I'm sure we looked precious. But that didn't stop me from coveting a plastic smock and smelly mask sold at finer grocery stores around town. Actually, one year Dad let us pick out a costume from Albertson's. I'm sure it must have taken me forever to decide which one I would select. Albertson's always put up a huge isle-long Halloween display that was both frightening and enticing at the same time. I loved when October rolled around because I knew they would have their display up soon. Oddly enough, the year Dad let us choose a costume from the plastic contraptions at Albertson's, I chose the Purple Pieman from Strawberry Shortcake. I wasn't into Strawberry Shortcake in the least. I think I was a few years too old for it. But for some reason I fixated on the Purple Pieman costume. I have no idea why. I was and still am a pretty girly-girl, so the idea that I would choose a male-oriented character seems, well, out of character for me. But I guess even at a young age I liked an acting challenge.

I digress.

So we went out into the hood with our kiddos and the neighbor's next door. Lisa, my neighbor, provided a steaming mug of hot spiced wine for the adults and special glow sticks for each kiddo. The boys (Jackson J and Jackson G) practically ran up the street from house to house giggling and shrieking with excitement. Holden and Allison just went along for the ride. Jackson J (my Jackson) kept making choo-choo sounds and exclaiming how much he loved candy. It was priceless. As our neighborhood is very child-oriented, there were dozens of kids out last night. Each one more excited than the next. Mom stayed at our house to pass out candy and we braved the crisp, cold air, running into neighbors and friends and pretty much fulfilling the suburban stereotype for Halloween. It was so idyllic it almost felt like a movie set. All we needed was Gertie and E.T. to step out from the shadows.



Our little family - check out my ghost necklace!

Jackson, singing the Railroad song at top notch volume
before his preschool Halloween party

Jackson at preschool, listening to his teacher
This was my first "go" at being a room-mommy.
I provided the snack and helped with games. I felt like such a "mom!" --
in a good way I mean!

...until next year my pretties...