Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Holden's official first word: Ball!

He's sort of said it for a few days now but today it was very distinct and he pointed at a ball when he said it. Hooray! Ball was Jackson's first word, too, followed very closely by truck. I suppose that will follow soon for Holden. They are very different boys, to be certain, but they are both all boy! Of course Holden's been saying Dadda and Mama and a modified Jackson (Yayun) for awhile now, but it's pretty exciting to hear a word that is so much a noun.

Oh, and did I mention he can climb up the entire staircase now, too? It's really exciting to watch (and follow closely behind). Even more exciting if you are Daddy and you think he's playing downstairs and look up and see him grinning at the top of the staircase at you and clapping. (Its ok honey, remember I forgot to strap him into his carseat once!)

He's growing up entirely too fast.

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