Friday, November 09, 2007

Big Foot

My gaawwwddd! Would you look at his feet?? They are enormous. I just noticed in this picture that his feet are bigger than his head. He has always had large feet. I could barely keep him in shoes between ages 1-3. Even now I'm thinking he's about to outgrow shoes I bought him in September. I don't know where he gets this from - Shawn and I have perfectly normal sized feet. But Jackson's feet are really just too big for words. Look at them!! Look! Wow. I can't even imagine what shoes are going to set us back in another 10 years or so. I better start saving now.

And as a side note, while typing this blog, I recalled a song that I knew as a small child. It was called "Your feets too big" or something like that. And we used to do our tap warm ups to it w
hen I took dance lessons at Barbara Thompson's Dance Academy. The song sounded very jazzy and smoky and even as a small child I got a kick out of it. I remember a few things about my years dancing for Miss Barbara:
  • Pink and orange flowered wall paper in the lobby
  • Spare dance shoes stored under a bench if you forgot your own shoes
  • Miss LaVoyle smoking through the entire lesson
  • The black and white photographs of dancers, real dancers, that graced her walls
  • Costume fittings
  • How to do the Time Step (yep, I still remember this!)
  • And finally....warming up for tap to this song (thank you Google!):

Fats Waller - 1939

Who's that walkin' 'round here?
Sounds like baby patter
Baby elephant patter, that's what I calls it]

Say, up in Harlem, at a table for two,
There were four of us, me, your big feet and you
From your ankles up, I say you sure are sweet,
From there down, there's just too much feet!

Yes, your feet's too big!
Don't want ya 'cause your feet's too big!
Can't use ya 'cause your feet's too big!
I really hate ya 'cause your feet's too big!

Where d'ya get 'em?

Your girl, she likes ya, she thinks you're nice,
Got what it takes to be in paradise
She said she likes your face, she likes your rig,
But, man, oh, man, them things are too big

Oh, your feet's too big
Don't want ya 'cause your feet's too big!
Mad at ya 'cause your feet's too big
I hate ya 'cause your feet's too big

My goodness, gun the gunboats!
Shift! Shift! Shift!]

Oh, your pedal extremities are colossal
To me you look just like a fossil
You got me walkin', talkin' and squawkin',
'Cause your feet's too big, yeah

Come on and walk that thing
Oh, I never heard o' such walkin', Mercy!

You know your pedal extremities really are obnoxious.

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