Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Some pics from this year's Halloween Fiesta! Funny thing -- Holden is so wee that he can wear Jackson's 3-6 month Halloween costume that he wore as a baby. That is the Tigger costume below. But I wanted to bundle him up for Trick or Treating (he didn't collect candy, though) so he wore Jackson's 18 month frog costume with jammies underneath as well. He wore the Tigger in the AM when we met Shawn for lunch, and the Frog for the PM when we went out Trick or Treating.

Both boys had a blast heading out into the 'hood for some candy collecting. Especially Jackson, er, I mean, Mr. Train Engineer. Seriously, I love his costume. I had fun putting it together, and he had fun wearing git. I never appreciated homemade costumes as a child. I always wanted one of those cheap, plastic costumes from the grocery store. But Mom would either make our costumes, or pieces of our costumes, or we would wear our dance costumes from the previous year's dance recital. I'm sure we looked precious. But that didn't stop me from coveting a plastic smock and smelly mask sold at finer grocery stores around town. Actually, one year Dad let us pick out a costume from Albertson's. I'm sure it must have taken me forever to decide which one I would select. Albertson's always put up a huge isle-long Halloween display that was both frightening and enticing at the same time. I loved when October rolled around because I knew they would have their display up soon. Oddly enough, the year Dad let us choose a costume from the plastic contraptions at Albertson's, I chose the Purple Pieman from Strawberry Shortcake. I wasn't into Strawberry Shortcake in the least. I think I was a few years too old for it. But for some reason I fixated on the Purple Pieman costume. I have no idea why. I was and still am a pretty girly-girl, so the idea that I would choose a male-oriented character seems, well, out of character for me. But I guess even at a young age I liked an acting challenge.

I digress.

So we went out into the hood with our kiddos and the neighbor's next door. Lisa, my neighbor, provided a steaming mug of hot spiced wine for the adults and special glow sticks for each kiddo. The boys (Jackson J and Jackson G) practically ran up the street from house to house giggling and shrieking with excitement. Holden and Allison just went along for the ride. Jackson J (my Jackson) kept making choo-choo sounds and exclaiming how much he loved candy. It was priceless. As our neighborhood is very child-oriented, there were dozens of kids out last night. Each one more excited than the next. Mom stayed at our house to pass out candy and we braved the crisp, cold air, running into neighbors and friends and pretty much fulfilling the suburban stereotype for Halloween. It was so idyllic it almost felt like a movie set. All we needed was Gertie and E.T. to step out from the shadows.



Our little family - check out my ghost necklace!

Jackson, singing the Railroad song at top notch volume
before his preschool Halloween party

Jackson at preschool, listening to his teacher
This was my first "go" at being a room-mommy.
I provided the snack and helped with games. I felt like such a "mom!" --
in a good way I mean!

...until next year my pretties...

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