Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas '07

Ah, Christmas '07...what can I say?! The day came and went in a blink of an eye. But it truly was a wondrous and exciting day. It began as any day in our house does - around 6:15 AM. Jackson sneaked into our room filled with excitement. He crawled into bed and asked if Santa had come yet. I told him I thought I heard him on the roof in the middle of the night making a lot of rukus. But that we had to wait for Holden to wake up before we went downstairs. Jackson, amazingly, waited for a full 15 additional minutes until we heard Holden's morning squawk. We finally all got up and tip toed down the hall. There, sitting in the living room, was a full set up and operating electric train set. Jackson could hardly believe his eyes. He peered down at it from the loft upstairs but made his way downstairs to get a closer look. He was in complete awe. He squealed a "thank you!!!" to Santa and plopped down on the living room floor to play with his train. He pretty much stayed in this exact position for the next 12 hours, taking only brief breaks to open his other presents, eat donuts, and take the occasional much needed potty breaks. Holden was mesmerized by the snack crackers in his stocking.

The rest of the day we opened presents, played with our new toys, ate good food, talked with long distance family and watched the snow falling outside. I made a traditional Christmas meal of turkey and stuffing, except that since it was just the 4 of us (and by 4 of us I mean just Shawn and I) I made a simple turkey breast and (gasp!) stove top stuffing (with apologies to my mother for not making Granny's original and amazing stuffing recipe). We had cheesecake for dessert - yum! The boys were worn out by 6:30PM when they both passed out asleep in their beds, visions of train stations dancing in their heads. Shawn and I cracked open the Vouvray and watched "Love Actually." I was asleep by 9:45. It was a perfect day.

Jackson, checking out the new train Santa left.
Notice that it is still dark outside the window.

Jackson's cheeky grin, Christmas eve, before we set out for Mexican food.

Daddy and Holden reading on Christmas eve.

Jackson's cool new train bank for Aunt Kimi and Uncle Bob

Holden eating snack crackers from his stocking

Jackson inspecting the goodies in his stocking

Must. Play. Trains

Holden and Daddy checking out his new bowling set

Must. Continue. Playing. Trains.


Oh boy! More presents!

Me and my boys

Cool new books and matching handmade jammies from Grammy!!!!

My sweet boy

The fam, hanging out

Oh this is so much fun!


The boys, actually playing together. Awesome.

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