Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I admit to extreme giddiness today, for a plethora of reasons:

First. Around noon today my neighbor Emily stopped by and asked if we wanted to go to her house for a playdate with her daughter Macy. I told her I couldn't go because Holden was napping and I was waiting for an electrician. She said that was fine, but Jackson was still invited. "Sure!" I practically yelled and literally threw my son's shoes on him and shoved him out the door. I love my boy. Don't get me wrong. But while he was having fun playing princesses with Macy (she was in her Snow White costume when I picked him up later), I was at home with a sleeping infant working on a project all by myself. Holden kindly slept for an additional 1.5 hours and I told Emily I almost felt like kissing her when I picked up Jackson 1.5 hours later. I managed to get more than half way through my project (see below), and check email, and eat lunch in solitude while Jackson was away. You should have seen the Cheshire Cat grin on my face!

Second. I have a small dining room table I bought when I had my first studio apartment in Seattle. And by small I mean tiny. It was the first piece of real furniture I bought when I moved there. I got it at IKEA (wah! I miss IKEA!), and I love that table. It has served me well. I used it in my first apartment for dinner parties. I then used it at the house I shared with my three male roommates as a hallway table for mail collection and the like. It was the first dining room table Shawn and I shared together in our first two apartments, until we splurged on a "real" set when we bought our first house. My little IKEA table was then relegated to the backyard for out door dining. Seeing as how it rains a lot in Seattle, that table saw very little of us those years in our first house. Fast forward three years and when we sold our house and moved to Colorado, we sold our nice dining table with the house. There was no need for a polished table after children entered our lives. So it was back to the tiny IKEA table for us when we lived in the apartment in Colorado. When we bought our first house in Colorado, where we live now, the IKEA square went to the garage. It has gathered dust there for almost two years now. It was basically in the garage sale heap set aside for next spring until I came to the decision last week that I could not part with my table. It means too much to me. It has been through too much with me. So I decided to salvage it and use it as a side table in our family room. THE POINT OF MY MONOLOGUE (and I do have one) is that today I got to spend one solid hour by myself sanding and painting the IKEA square table black. It has been through the wringer in the past 10 years (OMG - 10 years!) and it needs some tlc. Especially after three years in the Seattle rains and two years in our dusty garage. Now, I love crafty projects, and I have such a sense of accomplishment getting that table painted -- and 3-4 coats at that! I still have to sand/antique it, and seal it, but I'm giddy that I was able to get as much done on it as I did (thank you Emily!)!

Three. Shawn and I ordered a big phat/fat order from and it arrived today. I'm giddy that I have four, er, I mean three bottles of LaCala in the fridge, and a couple of new wines to sample as well.

Four. I picked up Qdoba burritos for dinner. I didn't have to cook and I didn't have to clean. Giddy!

Five. It is 7:55 PM and my boys are sleeping peacefully. I am about to go finish up my Christmas cards and enjoy a little quiet time with my significant other (Shawn, not the LaCala).

Life. Is. Good.

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