Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I'm sure every parent must feel their child has a brilliant imagination. I'm convinced of it with my own child. He's 3.5 years old and yesterday asked me to "play preschool" with him. He was "Mrs.Lisa" (his teacher) and I was "Jackson." Holden stood in as "Braxton," one of Jackson's buddies at school. He started off by stating:

"Children! Come to circle! It's time to read books!" in a most authoritative voice.

We all (two of us) obliged. Note: The couch is not circle. The floor is circle. Do not confuse the two.

Once we were all seated he picked up a book and stated in a very exuberant and teacher-like voice that "today we are going to read the ant book!" He proceeded to "read" the book to me. Then Mrs. Lisa said it was time for arts and crafts. Holden, er, I mean Braxton, and I (Jackson) went to the kitchen table where we pretended to make firetrucks, per "Mrs Lisa's" instructions. Then we moved on to Show-and-Share time. Oddly enough, "Mrs. Lisa" was the one who had Show-and-Share, not Braxton and I. "She" showed us 5 toy trucks. Fascinating!

Eventually it was time to call it a day, so we were all called to circle again. We sang the good-bye song, singing not only to Jackson and Braxton, but naming every child in the class. Avery. Turner. Samantha. Braden. Colin. AnaPaula. Kayli. Peyton. Chloe. And Riley. Our mothers came to pick us up and drive us home. At which point "Mrs. Lisa" transformed into me, er, Mommy, and drove me home in a silver toy truck. It was a great day at school.

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