Sunday, December 23, 2007

The rock'nest front yard in town

It has been a few days since our last snow fall but at last we finally bought a sled (thanks BJ!). We got to try it out today and it was awesome! Jackson and I first headed over to the park across the street to try out the mini-hill. We had a blast soaring down that hill together. He kept saying "again! again!" the minute the sled came to a halt. Note to self: When letting your 3.5 year old go down a hill by himself, make sure you know how far it will actually go. He sledded right down the hill and into the street!! Gave me a heart attack; and that was the end of that!

Later in the afternoon Shawn built up a berm of snow in our front yard. The neighbors joined us in trying out our slalom. Mostly Shawn and Tyler tried to create the perfect hill. I think Tyler was going to draw up the engineering model of it on his Mac tonight and get back to us on perfecting the curvature of the run for tomorrow. No matter what though, Jackson J. and Jackson G. (and mommy) had a great time on that sled. Afterwards, Shawn and I traded off napping just to be able to keep up with the boys the rest of the evening. Both Jackson and Holden were asleep by 7PM tonight! Since Santa comes tomorrow we are hoping for some well rested kids...yeah right. They'll both be up at their usual 6:30AM tomorrow, ready to play! Aw well, at least we have our rock'n sled run to look forward to!

Jackson G. and Tyler preparing to ride

Jackson J's turn on the run


Lisa and Allison braving the cold
Again Daddy! Again!

Getting ready to soar!

Holden, the abominable snowman

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