Friday, December 07, 2007


Holden can now sign "more!" Very exciting. I discovered this the other evening when I stopped by the grocery store before I picked up our Qdoba. I grabbed a new Gerber snack because he was fussing and hungry. I ripped it open as soon as I was in the car and gave him one to munch on. They are the equivalent of "healthy" Pirates Booty which is the equivalent of healthy Cheese Puffs. As we are driving off I look back and see him furiously mashing his fingers together repeatedly.

What is he doing??
I thought.

It suddenly dawned on me he was signing "more!" I've worked with him on this sign for 6 months and it finally clicked. It was so exciting I threw more of the puffs at him. He scarfed them down and signed for more. Which I obliged. Jackson and I were laughing hysterically at him and he was grinning from ear to ear.

And as a repeat. When I took he and Jackson on a wagon ride yesterday, he signed "more!" when I stopped to take a breather. Needless to say, I kept on pulling because he asked so nicely (and quietly!). I love baby signs. I'm so excited it is all clicking for him. He can now sign "More" and "All done." Next up is "please!" :-)


Terri said...

So I have to ask, is Holden deaf or are you using sign as an early communication tool? I took a sign language class aaaaages ago, and I remember the teacher saying that hearing babies can understand signing a lot earlier than they can understand speech.

Tales from the Crib said...

hi Terri! No, we just use baby signs as a form of early communication. We used it with Jackson, too. We found it far less frustrating for all of us if Jackson (and now Holden) could tell us what he wanted with signs rather than whining or fussing. It's amazing to see them communicate in this way!! And I think it really helped Jackson's vocabulary to develop well when he did start speaking. By 18 months he was a great talker!

Djunaedi Rijadi said...

I hope this kid become a man that fowerfull and good presenter. He-he-he