Thursday, December 13, 2007


I have two sons (duh). One is a snuggler - my Holden. Since the day he was born my second son has cuddled up to me and snuggled under my chin. It is his favorite spot in the whole world. I adore this about him. Now Jackson, my first born, is not and has never been a snuggler. He never liked sitting in our laps or snuggling up next to us while we read to him. (The vision I had of having a child of my own always included snuggling while reading so this was a shocker to me.) Jackson is independent and active. He's on his own and on the go. Flat out, snuggling is not something he does. Occasionally he will sit very closely next to us -- especially his Daddy -- but do not mistake that for snuggling.

This morning Holden was having a rough go of it. At 4am he started fussing. He's been doing this regularly for the past several mornings and we are finally having to resort to CIO (Cry it Out) to get him past this habit. And to get us all a little more sleep in the long run. I know this disrupts Jackson's sleep but I know no other way around it. So Holden fussed off and on from 4am to 6am. I dozed sort of off and on through it all. Shawn never even made it upstairs last night, he fell asleep on the couch downstairs watching TV. So I was alone, big in the bed as we say. Around 6am I reached over and noticed someone next to me. At first I thought it was Shawn and said "oh it's you!" aloud. Then I noticed Shawn was not to proportion. It was Jackson. "Oh hi buddy," I said. "Did Holden wake you?" He reached over and patted my back softly and exclaimed:

I just wanted to climb into bed and snuggle with you.

Well melt my heart. Maybe. Just maybe my guy is going to turn into a snuggler after all.

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