Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Jib-Jab Madness

Some may say my Dad needs a hobby. I say bring it on! Here's more Jib Jab from my old man.

Play Jib Jab by Jim!

ps -OP and Cracker, come visit!
pss - watch previous Jib Jab by Jim

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday morning

Sunday morning, reading books. Life. Is. Perfect.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Shoes to Fill and Mr. Peanut Butter Face

Playing dress up in Daddy's shoes

These really are big shoes to fill...

And finally, this is a picture of "Mr. Peanut Butter Face." He visits our house, oh, about twice a week. Sometimes his eyes are made out of raisins, sometimes blueberries. Sometimes his hair is straight, sometimes it is curly. When it is straight it looks like he stuck his non-existent finger into an electrical socket. But today he is sporting luxurious and salty curls. Today he also debuted with jelly mixed into his traditional creamy 100% natural and organic peanut butter skin. His mouth is a crispy Veggie Stix. Delish!

And finally, Jackson consuming Mr. Peanut Butter Face in a matter of seconds. I wish I could make this meal every day of the week. It's so easy and he eats it without argument. I'm trying to introduce Mrs. Grilled Cheese Face. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, January 25, 2008


My Wee-Pea is putting on a little weight - at last. He was 19lb13oz today. Still below the charts but the arc is going up so that is a plus. At 15 months he's about as sweet as they come and full of life. He loves to dance. Color. Play with play-dough. Snuggle in his Mama's or Daddy's lap. Chase his brother. Play peek-a-boo. Read books. Be outside. Dance. Dance. Dance. He can say all of about 4 words - ball, Daddy, Ya-ya (Jackson, I think) and frog. He occasionally says Mama but I think it's just babble. Who needs to talk when there's dancing to be done. Did I mention he likes to dance?

I love you my little Wee-Pea.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Coming up empty bottomed

warning: this entry discusses poop in detail. read at your own risk.

A couple of years ago when Jackson was about Holden's age, I remember a harried woman stopping me at a restaurant in Dallas and asking to borrow a diaper from me (what, like I wanted her to return it??). I of course handed over my extra diaper because of course the woman was in diaper-need (ha ha, get it - dire need. diaper need. whatever). Anyway, I remember thinking: "How in the world do you leave the house without a diaper for your baby/toddler???!!" It astounded me. Obviously so much so that it sticks in my memory two years later.

You do know where this is going, don't you?

So today I took the boys out for morning errands before Jackson's preschool this afternoon. I packed a bag with all of life's necessities for two boys for a two hour journey. We hit the post office to mail a plethora of baby gifts that I'm delayed in sending. We went to Safeway to pick up snack for Jackson's class today, as well as turkey pepperoni for tonight's pizza and some more Eucerin Calming Creme (this stuff is from the gods, seriously) for my cracked knuckles. Then we went to Blimpie's for lunch. We've never been to Blimpie's before but it was by the grocery store so I saved myself one trip of car seat buckling. It was at the Blimpie's (who by the way do not have a "prize" with their kid's meals -be forewarned) that I realized I had no wipes for their messy hands, and thus no diapers. I had left my dipees & wipees bag in the boys gym backpack back at the house. Ok. That was fine because all we had left was school drop off and then back home for Holden's nap. Except, of course, Murphy's law kicked in as soon as we got to school. Holden had an enormous poop that smelled to high-heaven. Greeeaaattt! What a great time to poop!

I first looked around for anyone with a baby in the lobby - no one had a baby. I'm not sure how that is possible since practically everyone at the school seems to have a toddler and a baby but Murphy has a strange way with laws. So I then wisked him to the bathroom and prayed it was a solid poop so I could just flush it and possibly reuse the diaper until we got home. Nope. My usual solid-pooper had left me a much messier package. I took off the offending parcel and wiped his (adorably cute) hiney with wet paper towels -- and contemplated my next step. I mean, my baby was bare bottomed. What do you do about that?? Naturally it was at this point that my eldest decided he needed to use the potty. I strapped a bare bottomed baby to the changing table to help Jackson with his pants. Fortunately he's fine going potty by himself once he has his pants down. I then grabbed a wad of tissues and a few large paper towels and fashioned a diaper for Holden, tucking it all in nice and neat via his onesie.

I managed to get both boys' pants up and buttoned and everyone's hands washed, and Jackson into his classroom. Our farewell was very brief as the entire time I was chanting to myself: "please do not pee. please do not pee." That was a prayer for Holden, by the way, though by that point my own bladder felt close to bursting. Alas I made it home, got Holden into a fresh diaper (he did not pee in his make shift diaper) and into bed. I then went back to unload the car. And that is when I remembered that I always carry a spare diaper in my glove box. It's been in that glove box since Jackson was a baby and some harried woman once stopped me in a restaurant and asked to borrow a diaper from me. Silly mommy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Various musings

First and foremost:He did it! He did it! He did it! By George I think he did it!! (sung to the tune from My Fair Lady)
Holden stayed the entire time in the gym daycare today and didn't cry! Nicole, the lead caregiver (and as sweet as pie), said he cried for all of 2 seconds and spent the rest of the time sitting in the high chair, high above the other children, watching them play -- almost as if he were royalty or something. He snacked on Veggie Booty and Pediasure and didn't cry! In fact, I went to pick the boys up after a quick 30 minute work out because I figured Holden had been crying the entire time. Not so - when I walked in he was happily perched in his chair munching away! In fact, he didn't see me walk in so Nicole encouraged me to go and have a few more minutes to myself. So I did!! I sat in the Eucalyptus steam room (it was heaven --- though sitting naked with a bunch of other sweaty women still weirds me out, but I did go nude so I don't seem like a prude.) Then I took a shower in peace. It was hot and steamy and quiet and wonderful. I loved it. And when I picked up the boys they were both as happy as could be. Win-win! Though ever since the one, single time I took Jackson to get a cookie at the bakery across the street from the gym, he has begged and nagged me to go every time since. And true to nature he did so again today. He nagged me the minute I picked him up all the way to the car. I lied and said I didn't have any money. (which is partially true since I get paid in kisses and tantrums). And on that note, who the hell puts a bakery right next to a gym!??!

And in other Jackson stories... we were playing airplanes today and this is what I overheard:

Jackson (spoken in his official "I am a Pilot" voice): "Flight two you are ready for take off. We will be flying to Disneyland and riding Autopia and the Ferris Wheel. It will be lots of fun. If you are all very good on this flight and are really nice you will get a treat when we land. Enjoy your flight!"

Ahhh...if only all flights were actually that way. I would love it if the next time I landed the pilot gave me a treat for flying so good!

And last but not least, Holden was digging through my bottom cabinet in my bathroom this morning -- as he often does. He pulls out all my lotions, creams, puffs, tampons, q-tips, cotton squares, etc. Today he must have been reallllly digging in the back of the cabinet because he brought me an unopened pregnancy test I didn't realize I had. Now don't panic, I'm not pregnant and really don't have any chance of being pregnant ever again unless I leave my husband and hook up with K Fed. But Holden kept grunting and forcing the test into my hand. I took it away from him and he smiled happily. Maybe he's trying to tell me something...

Monday, January 21, 2008

My little pink yoga mat.

This is a picture of my new yoga mat. I love it. It's pink and cute and doesn't smell like somebody else's feet! I got it because last month I joined a gym. Yes. Me. In a gym. I used to love working out but lost my zest for it about 8 years ago when I met the love of my life and decided it is way more fun hanging out with him every spare minute than going to some stinky gym. That is, until I had children and lost every ounce of anything that resembled a youthful body. One "normal" delivery and one c-section delivery later, not to mention a combined total of 23 months of nursing, and I'm not so pretty to look at (though my very sweet husband tells me I am). But more than that I have realized in the last few months that I need some time to myself to feel human after 24 hour days with the boys. They need some space and I need some space. So a gym seemed to help all of us with our needs.

I joined an awesome gym that sold itself to me just by it's changing room alone. It has a whirlpool sauna and a eucalyptus steam room!! And fresh flowers. And it's clean! And the towels are soft and fluffy. And it is very quiet. I repeat - it is very quiet. Ahhhh.... Then there is the gym itself. Immaculate. State of the art. Perfect. It has an incredible class schedule that would allow me to take yoga 3 times a day every day of the week if I wanted to! And finally there is the kid's club. It too is immaculate. It is also cheery and fun and filled with great toys and crafts and movies and all things child-related. Jackson LOVES kid's club. Notice I said Jackson. Holden, well, not so much. Therein lies the crux. Saying that he hates it is an understatement. He cries every time I drop him off. He's been spoiled by being with his mama 24/7 for the last 15 months (nothi'n wrong with that though!). So I leave him crying and Jackson smiling. The staff often have to come and get me because he cries so hard that he almost makes himself sick. My poor baby! That is very hard for both of us. But I know he'll get used to it eventually so we just keep trying. I'm obviously not taking yoga 3 times a day, 7 days a week at this rate. But I'm managing some cardio. Some weight training. And Shawn lets me escape to a couple of yoga or pilates classes each week when he's home with the kids. At least until Holden gets used to it a little better. But all in all this is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I actually look forward to working out again. I haven't felt that way since probably college. Now if only I had that petite little college figure back again I'd be all set. All in good time...right?!?

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Holden meets Elmo.

Not a fan.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A two-glass kind of day

I'm on my 2nd glass of vino tonight. It was one of those kinds of days. Nothing stands out that specifically made it an "I really need a glass (or two) of wine" kind of day, but it was challenging nonetheless. There was continuous whining from my youngest who refused to eat a solid meal -- I stress his weight at every meal, but on the days he drinks his calories in milk rather than food it is especially worrisome. Then there was a time out at preschool from my eldest who had a rather "aggressive" day at school and burst into inconsolable tears the minute I arrived to pick him up because he knew he was in trouble. And of course guy's night out for my hubbie who definitely deserves the night out (but that doesn't make putting the two cranky boys to bed any easier). So once the boys were safely tucked into their beds I cracked open a bottle of Washington red wine I've been saving for a special occasion and settled in to the quiet of the house. When I envisioned being a stay-at-home-mama I always saw the good days we would have together, me and my children. And there are good days, believe me. Most days are good days. But now that I'm 2.5 years into it, I also know to keep a bottle of good red on hand just in case those idyllic visions get a bit skewed by real life.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Aren't they stunning?? I have to pinch my arm sometimes to remind myself that I actually grew these amazing creatures. Even on the worst of days I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Joel McHale

Joel McHale has the best job in the entire world. I say this every Friday night at 8:01 PM. This is the exact moment that my weekend begins. With side-splitting laughter. It's silly, I know. But Joel McHale is the host of "The Soup" on the E Channel. It is a frivolous, silly show in which its host, Joel McHale, does a rehash of the best of the worst on TV each week. And it is freaking hilarious.

We don't watch a ton of TV in our house. We each have the shows we love: Jackson - anything on Playhouse Disney; Shawn - anything on ESPN; Me - anything decorating or food related and "Grey's Anatomy." But not watching a lot of TV doesn't mean I don't secretly adore and love TV. I do. And I really love trash TV. If I thought it would be acceptable and wouldn't emotionally scar my children or my marriage I would watch reality and/or trash TV all day and all night and never tire of it. But seeing as how I don't do that because I love my children and value my marriage, I get all my trash TV summed up for me in thirty tidy minutes every week on "The Soup" starring Joel McHale. This man actually gets paid to rehash all the worst moments on TV each week. And Shawn and I get to sit back on a Friday night with a beer and a glass of wine, both kids asleep, and laugh our asses off watching him. And that is why Joel McHale has the best job in the entire world.

Oh yeah, and Joel is from Seattle, so he gets extra props for that.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not cut out for fame

The Internet is a dangerous place. For mommies. There's a lot of judgment and criticism to passed around and I think mommies can be as harsh as even the most severe political blog commenter. Or perhaps I'm just super-thin-skinned. Probably the latter.

Yesterday I blindly posted one of Holden's adorable yet heartbreaking "first haircut" pictures on the mommy-blog section of the It's a pretty isolated section of the site that sometimes I visit for advice and a chuckle. A sort of "we moms have to stick together" kind of Website. Well low and behold that picture was selected for the front page of the for today. I was shocked. But pleased. I think my son is pretty darn cute even when he's crying his eyes out. Obviously some other folks did too since it was chosen to be the front page picture. And it got a pretty high rating overall. Of course it also opened me up for a world of criticism. OK, two critics out of several hundred views. But I'm thin skinned so it bugged me when a few folks alluded that I wasn't a caring mother for posting a picture of my distressed child for the world to see. And one kind person felt that babies (Holden's almost 15 months old so hardly a "baby") don't need haircuts and if they do I, as his mother, should have done the honors. Not some random beautician. I can just imagine myself wielding scissors by my son's head trying to snip away his wispy locks. I would surely have nicked him or worse and then who would have been the bad mommy???

But everyone has an opinion and everyone has their right to that opinion. So I'll leave it at that. My son had his day of fame, as they say. But I think that me and my thin skin (and my precious little man whom despite what a few of those mommies might think, I adore with all my heart and soul) will stick to this here personal blog and leave the to the more seasoned and thick skinned lot.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No one said it was easy being handsome

Today was Holden's first haircut. Am I ashamed that I cried as they snipped away his one and only curl? Just a bit. But I think more I was crying for my baby who is no longer. He's such a little man now. He's got his first haircut under his belt, he's tasted his first lime sucker, and -- drum roll please... he is also 100% weaned! He's growing up way too fast. But as I always say, he'll always be my baby.

Checking out which chair he wants to sit in

Ah yes, this one will do just fine.

What the !??!?!? You didn't mention this part mommy!!!

Please make it stop!!!!

A first haircut deserves a first sucker

Ah yes, that is better.

All grows up. (a "Swingers" reference - not a grammatical error)

So handsome.

Ah yes, and big brother got a trim, too. So brave.So handsome.

Monday, January 07, 2008


To the man who puts up with me, loves me, provides for me, makes me laugh, holds me when I'm sad, lifts me up when I'm in need, adores our boys, eats my cooking, surprises me often, shovels the snow, and wears silly hats that I make on New Year's Eve with very little complaint. I love you. Let me know how 35 feels - I've got a long way until I'm there.
Happy Birthday Schmoop!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Boy's toys

Little boys have the coolest toys. I remember when I was younger loving to play with my boy cousin's toys. I wasn't into the gross-out toys (like Garbage Pail Kids and the like) but I really did like the cars and trains and Archie Comic books they had all over their house. And now I'm seeing it more and more with my own boys' toys. Jackson got some very cool new toys for Christmas and we have spent the last 8 days playing with them almost non-stop. In fact, if we do stop playing with him - even just to eat or change positions or blink - he will whine "come plaaaayyyy with meeee!!" And usually we do oblige (because that whine is liken to fingernails on a chalkboard, but I digress). Today I spent the better part of the day designing my dream cabin with Lincoln Logs and recalling my old days taking the London Tube with the GeoTrax train set. Shawn could barely be coaxed to leave for work this morning because he had a new layout for the tracks he wanted to try out. Oh, and the boys like the new toys, too.