Friday, January 25, 2008


My Wee-Pea is putting on a little weight - at last. He was 19lb13oz today. Still below the charts but the arc is going up so that is a plus. At 15 months he's about as sweet as they come and full of life. He loves to dance. Color. Play with play-dough. Snuggle in his Mama's or Daddy's lap. Chase his brother. Play peek-a-boo. Read books. Be outside. Dance. Dance. Dance. He can say all of about 4 words - ball, Daddy, Ya-ya (Jackson, I think) and frog. He occasionally says Mama but I think it's just babble. Who needs to talk when there's dancing to be done. Did I mention he likes to dance?

I love you my little Wee-Pea.


christina said...

Way to go Holden!!!! Keep up the good work.

Katie said...

He's so cute! Gaaaahhh, could just stare into those beautiful eyes all day! I swear, he and Owen both have the soulful eyes that just bore right into you!

Glad he's gaining weight! I have gigantic monkey's, and O's now at 23# at 12 months, but he's also my dancer and loves to Wiggle!

I might be in CO in May, so it might be fun to meet up then! I'll let you know if we are able to swing through!

Kim said...

He's so cute Amy! Miss you!

Charleyjax said...

Holden! Slow down that growing! You're leaving us in your dust!
Charley & Jax