Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Shoes to Fill and Mr. Peanut Butter Face

Playing dress up in Daddy's shoes

These really are big shoes to fill...

And finally, this is a picture of "Mr. Peanut Butter Face." He visits our house, oh, about twice a week. Sometimes his eyes are made out of raisins, sometimes blueberries. Sometimes his hair is straight, sometimes it is curly. When it is straight it looks like he stuck his non-existent finger into an electrical socket. But today he is sporting luxurious and salty curls. Today he also debuted with jelly mixed into his traditional creamy 100% natural and organic peanut butter skin. His mouth is a crispy Veggie Stix. Delish!

And finally, Jackson consuming Mr. Peanut Butter Face in a matter of seconds. I wish I could make this meal every day of the week. It's so easy and he eats it without argument. I'm trying to introduce Mrs. Grilled Cheese Face. I'll keep you posted.

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