Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Boy's toys

Little boys have the coolest toys. I remember when I was younger loving to play with my boy cousin's toys. I wasn't into the gross-out toys (like Garbage Pail Kids and the like) but I really did like the cars and trains and Archie Comic books they had all over their house. And now I'm seeing it more and more with my own boys' toys. Jackson got some very cool new toys for Christmas and we have spent the last 8 days playing with them almost non-stop. In fact, if we do stop playing with him - even just to eat or change positions or blink - he will whine "come plaaaayyyy with meeee!!" And usually we do oblige (because that whine is liken to fingernails on a chalkboard, but I digress). Today I spent the better part of the day designing my dream cabin with Lincoln Logs and recalling my old days taking the London Tube with the GeoTrax train set. Shawn could barely be coaxed to leave for work this morning because he had a new layout for the tracks he wanted to try out. Oh, and the boys like the new toys, too.

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