Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not cut out for fame

The Internet is a dangerous place. For mommies. There's a lot of judgment and criticism to passed around and I think mommies can be as harsh as even the most severe political blog commenter. Or perhaps I'm just super-thin-skinned. Probably the latter.

Yesterday I blindly posted one of Holden's adorable yet heartbreaking "first haircut" pictures on the mommy-blog section of the It's a pretty isolated section of the site that sometimes I visit for advice and a chuckle. A sort of "we moms have to stick together" kind of Website. Well low and behold that picture was selected for the front page of the for today. I was shocked. But pleased. I think my son is pretty darn cute even when he's crying his eyes out. Obviously some other folks did too since it was chosen to be the front page picture. And it got a pretty high rating overall. Of course it also opened me up for a world of criticism. OK, two critics out of several hundred views. But I'm thin skinned so it bugged me when a few folks alluded that I wasn't a caring mother for posting a picture of my distressed child for the world to see. And one kind person felt that babies (Holden's almost 15 months old so hardly a "baby") don't need haircuts and if they do I, as his mother, should have done the honors. Not some random beautician. I can just imagine myself wielding scissors by my son's head trying to snip away his wispy locks. I would surely have nicked him or worse and then who would have been the bad mommy???

But everyone has an opinion and everyone has their right to that opinion. So I'll leave it at that. My son had his day of fame, as they say. But I think that me and my thin skin (and my precious little man whom despite what a few of those mommies might think, I adore with all my heart and soul) will stick to this here personal blog and leave the to the more seasoned and thick skinned lot.


Katie said...

Some people just don't know when to turn that darn internal dialogue meter on! Ignore them, it's a great picture and if they don't want to look at it, then don't have to! He's adorable and I truly understand as Ethan screamed through 5 haircuts prior to the last calm cut in December! Some kids just don't like it, and some adults are just dolts!

christina said...

I've never understood judgemental people. What do they get out of that.

No worries- I act like I have a much thicker skin than I do.

Tales from the Crib said...

Ah gals, you rock. I suppose I shouldn't have even given a damn. It's the middle child in me - trying to please all the people all the time. LOL.

xo friends!