Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A two-glass kind of day

I'm on my 2nd glass of vino tonight. It was one of those kinds of days. Nothing stands out that specifically made it an "I really need a glass (or two) of wine" kind of day, but it was challenging nonetheless. There was continuous whining from my youngest who refused to eat a solid meal -- I stress his weight at every meal, but on the days he drinks his calories in milk rather than food it is especially worrisome. Then there was a time out at preschool from my eldest who had a rather "aggressive" day at school and burst into inconsolable tears the minute I arrived to pick him up because he knew he was in trouble. And of course guy's night out for my hubbie who definitely deserves the night out (but that doesn't make putting the two cranky boys to bed any easier). So once the boys were safely tucked into their beds I cracked open a bottle of Washington red wine I've been saving for a special occasion and settled in to the quiet of the house. When I envisioned being a stay-at-home-mama I always saw the good days we would have together, me and my children. And there are good days, believe me. Most days are good days. But now that I'm 2.5 years into it, I also know to keep a bottle of good red on hand just in case those idyllic visions get a bit skewed by real life.


christina said...

I am having that kind of week but with the bun in the oven I'm settling for a twix! Miss you.

Katie said...

Totally understand! O has had a tummy bug for 3 days, and hasn't eaten or drank 1/3 his normal diet since Saturday, so I'm still worried!
Instead of wine though, I make a good Captain and Coke, then sit and cross-stitch until the twitch in my eye stops.
Love the kiddos, am just glad that I'm a drinking gal!
Miss ya! Have a great day today!

Tales from the Crib said...

Belly pats Christina (I'm still in shock btw!)!

Hope O is feeling better now Katie!

xo PALS!!