Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Various musings

First and foremost:He did it! He did it! He did it! By George I think he did it!! (sung to the tune from My Fair Lady)
Holden stayed the entire time in the gym daycare today and didn't cry! Nicole, the lead caregiver (and as sweet as pie), said he cried for all of 2 seconds and spent the rest of the time sitting in the high chair, high above the other children, watching them play -- almost as if he were royalty or something. He snacked on Veggie Booty and Pediasure and didn't cry! In fact, I went to pick the boys up after a quick 30 minute work out because I figured Holden had been crying the entire time. Not so - when I walked in he was happily perched in his chair munching away! In fact, he didn't see me walk in so Nicole encouraged me to go and have a few more minutes to myself. So I did!! I sat in the Eucalyptus steam room (it was heaven --- though sitting naked with a bunch of other sweaty women still weirds me out, but I did go nude so I don't seem like a prude.) Then I took a shower in peace. It was hot and steamy and quiet and wonderful. I loved it. And when I picked up the boys they were both as happy as could be. Win-win! Though ever since the one, single time I took Jackson to get a cookie at the bakery across the street from the gym, he has begged and nagged me to go every time since. And true to nature he did so again today. He nagged me the minute I picked him up all the way to the car. I lied and said I didn't have any money. (which is partially true since I get paid in kisses and tantrums). And on that note, who the hell puts a bakery right next to a gym!??!

And in other Jackson stories... we were playing airplanes today and this is what I overheard:

Jackson (spoken in his official "I am a Pilot" voice): "Flight two you are ready for take off. We will be flying to Disneyland and riding Autopia and the Ferris Wheel. It will be lots of fun. If you are all very good on this flight and are really nice you will get a treat when we land. Enjoy your flight!"

Ahhh...if only all flights were actually that way. I would love it if the next time I landed the pilot gave me a treat for flying so good!

And last but not least, Holden was digging through my bottom cabinet in my bathroom this morning -- as he often does. He pulls out all my lotions, creams, puffs, tampons, q-tips, cotton squares, etc. Today he must have been reallllly digging in the back of the cabinet because he brought me an unopened pregnancy test I didn't realize I had. Now don't panic, I'm not pregnant and really don't have any chance of being pregnant ever again unless I leave my husband and hook up with K Fed. But Holden kept grunting and forcing the test into my hand. I took it away from him and he smiled happily. Maybe he's trying to tell me something...

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