Monday, February 11, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Monster Truck Action?!?!?!

That is what my 3.5 year old has been screaming very LOUDLY for the past 24 hours. Ever since he returned home from his first Monster Truck show. Yes, you read that right: Monster Truck Show. I did not attend, nor did Holden. But Jackson, Daddy and Nana (thank you Nana!) made an afternoon of it yesterday, taking the train downtown and then sitting through an hour and a half of sheer monster truck madness (and a few drunken idiots in front of them as well). It was something, as Shawn put it, that you have to experience just once (and only once)! The trucks were loud, fast, and obnoxious. The audience members were hairy, intoxicated and obnoxious. The souvenirs were big, bright and obnoxious. And of course, Jackson had a blast!

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Amy said...

That smile says it all!!! And now all I can think about is "Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY....MONSTER TRUCK JAM RALLY ACTION" know, though, that deep voice that repeats the day it's on. LOL. Seriously, though, he looks like he had a ball!