Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big City Adventure

This morning we gathered up the boys and went on a big city adventure -- to the Hammond's Candy Factory in the depths of downtown Denver! I'd seen the factory on the Food Network and knew you could take tours. I mean, what could be more fun than touring an actual candy factory on a brisk Saturday morning (besides actually sleeping late which my boys don't know how to do). So with the cool air upon us we packed up the kids and headed to the big city for some city-folk fun. The tour was pretty enjoyable. We saw how their candy was handmade and how it was packaged, and most importantly we got free candy samples. Can you imagine the wide-eyed wonder in our 3.5 year old son upon seeing all that candy? Jackson also got to use some of the money from his choo-choo train bank to buy a sweet treat all on his own. He picked out a strawberry chocolate cream and a chocolate covered graham cracker. I chose a caramel covered marshmallow and a dark chocolate caramel (as if the Godiva's I got last week weren't enough!). Shawn picked a dark chocolate peanutbutter cup (naturally) that could have choked a horse. And for Holden, he got a chocolate graham cracker as well, which proceeded to melt away in his hand as we drove home, both boys exhausted by the journey. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning with the boys, and even more fun making candy eating "educational." And we are all on a sugar buzz now which should make for a nice late afternoon crash as the day wears on. Sweet.


Amy said...

FUN!!! I just saw that show and the next day, my husband told me he has to go to Denver for a business trip. I said, "Uh huh,'re going to that candy company, aren't you???".


Tales from the Crib said...

LOL Amy! Too funny about your hubby. Uh-hu, business trip...sure...he better bring you back some sweets when he returns home!