Thursday, February 14, 2008


My sweetheart and I didn't exchange gifts this Valentine's Day. What would we get each other?!? I think these pictures show we have all the gifts we'll ever need in the world.

Happy Heart Day. (and sorry to be extra gooey today - - the pink and red bring it out in me)

Heart-y Pancakes for Breakfast
Bed-head on my eldest looks good
(who is still sick and had to miss his V-day party at sad)

Stencils from Mommy and Daddy
and rad Lightening McQueen sweatshirt from Grammy
(yeah, I said "rad")

"I love pancakes...and candy"

New alphabet picture books for Holden...mooo!!!

The love of my life, getting caught off guard by the camera

Sweet-tarts for my sweetheart

Sweets for my sweets (ok, I'll stop now)

To Daddy from the boys

To my honey, from me.

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