Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I hate doing taxes

I'm doing them now. I hate doing them. They confuse my mushy-mommy brain (I try hard to act like my brain has not turned to mush since becoming a SAHM but I'm afraid it is all a facade - my children, God lov'em, leach the brilliance right out of me). I have to go pick up J from school in 10 minutes. I can't wait to not be doing taxes.

ps - my husband has a degree in finance and I have a degree in theater. Which of the two of us is better qualified to do our taxes?!?!? I suppose she who once dreamed of becoming a starving artist.


Katie said...

I love our accountant! Simply because he does all of it for us for about $100! Next year'll be heck though, with new partnership and all, but I'll pay someone to do my taxes just so I don't have to worry about it!

Good luck Amy!

Tales from the Crib said...

We may well reach that point soon Katie. I have stalled out on the taxes for now. I'll pick it back up again this weekend. I've done my own since my first job and somehow picked up the responsibility of doing ours together, too. Though I know my anal-retentive hubby (love you babe!) will definitely go back over my work just like my 11th grade trig teacher Mr. Anderson did.

ECHeasley said...

just ask the box
I filed our return after struggling to figure out how to claim the money I had to pay back to my last job then realized I forgot to claim Scott's tuition reimbursement DOOH! How many amended returns can you have before the IRS starts looking at you funny?