Friday, February 22, 2008

Letting Go

My friend Katie commented on yesterday's blog picture that I was a brave woman letting my boys paint willy-nilly in my house. To a point she is absolutely correct. I am brave. But more it is that I have had to, in the last 2 years, really let go of my neat-freak attitude that once plagued me. I have to allow the messes because let's face it, boys are messy and I'm home all day with these messy boys so messes are inevitable. Oh the messes still bother me, in fact, they make my skin crawl at times, but I have to let it go. Because otherwise I would have two very bored little boys. They would sit all day on a carpet square - -maybe even an old towel so they don't mess up my carpet -- and watch movies. That's no fun for anyone. So I've let it go and allow paint and crayons and block everywhere and messes galore. Yes, it drives me crazy. But yes, my boys are entertained. And entertained children are children who don't get into (much) trouble IMO.

In fact, yesterday we (Shawn and I) treated ourselves to having a cleaning crew come to the house for a Spring Cleaning of sorts. They cleaned the house top to bottom and I didn't have to do any of it (yes, I know, go ahead and call me a spoiled brat - I am). I simply came home from taking J to school to an utterly spotless house that smelled not like a house of 2 small children. It smelled like a house that grown ups live in. And there were NO TOYS in the downstairs whatsoever! None! They were all upstairs, put away in their appropriate bins, baskets or drawers. Trashcans were empty and lined. Beds were made. The carpet had vacuum marks in it for Pete's sake! It was heaven. It was the best pick me up I've had in a very long time. Of course today I hosted playgroup with 7 children, 1 newborn, and 4 mommies (2 of whom are knocked up) so the cleaning I had done was completely obliterated by toys, cupcakes, pretzel sticks and spilled juice. BUT the point is that

Ah yes, my point... So knowing the cleaning ladies were coming I had to keep the house picked up the entire morning. It was like a marathon as I ran around picking up after the boys. The Molly Maids crew was due between 10AM - 12PM. So I kept going around all morning picking up messes and re-picking up messes that the boys made. It was making me insane. I seriously did consider sticking the boys in front of the TV all morning long just so I didn't have to put Lincoln Logs away again after Holden dumped them out, again. For the 3rd time. You'd think I'd just put them up on a higher shelf -right? I mean, he's only like 2.5 feet tall! But Holden isn't really into TV and Jackson gets bored and snappy, so TV was just the fall back. Mostly I just picked up behind them until the sweet ladies arrived and I whisked the boys away to the library and to school while they cleaned my house and made it shine.

So sure I have let go of my anal retentiveness to a degree. There is painting and art projects galore to be done in my house. And I caught Holden coloring my kitchen floor with a blue crayon the other day. And Jackson bashes his monster trucks into my once-crisp-white floorboards one time too often. But it sure was nice having two total strangers come in and reset my neat freak button, if only for a day.


ECHeasley said...

Ahhhh you're living my dream. If there's one thing on my bucket list it's to have some one come clean my house. Oh by the way Holden must have shipped that crayon to T because guess what color crayon he was using this morning to draw on the tiles I laid in the Kitchen last night.

Tales from the Crib said...

Liz! I just saw your beautiful new floors. They are gorgeous. Well done doing it yourselves. We did our own kitchen remodel in our first house (well more so Shawn and my friend's hubby who is a contractor) and it is a ton of work but the satisfaction of having a new kitchen will be well worth it. And the blue crayon marks will age nicely, too. (or try a paste of baking soda and water and try and sponge it away). yikes!